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By Filmmaker Melissa Ulto

I am a filmmaker with years of experience 
in documentaries, particularly as an editor.  
One on One, hands on training with 
Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, 
Digital Video Cinematography 
and Video Podcasting. 

Go To:  multo.com
I can walk you through how to be an editor, 
a DP or a director.  Rate is $60/hour, and I'm an excellent teacher.  I can teach you more in a few hours than most people learn in a week long course, at the fraction of the cost. Average tutorials run 5 to 10 hours.  Set your goals and we'll make them work together.  Bring me your editing problems, your production questions - no question is too obscure.  Classes at my location in Times Square are. References from previous students and clients available.


By Filmmaker Melissa Ulto

As is the case from time to time, a worm is 
found in the big apple production scene.  
I wanted to warn you folks about ibrido.  
I was a partner with Daniel Belanger, the French Canadian Host and self-appointed CEO.  I used all my gear and my network to make the project happen, unpaid, as we
were to split the company 51%/45%.  However, after creating 20 pieces of
video for the site (5 to 8 minute news pod-casts and interviews), doing all
the shooting, editing, animation, photography, 
streaming and copy editing, I still had no contract, 
no operating agreement and came to find out he spent
our $35k investment in one month.  And not on gear, 
but on an espresso machine, etc.  I've parted ways with 
the project, had him take down my work, as I was never 
compensated in any way, and he in turn got hostile and
violent on one occasion.  He's a charmer, as most scam 
artists are, and his "mission" pitch is great, which hooked 
me.  But a background check has revealed he's not who he 
portrays himself to be.

He will be poaching the NYC production community               Daniel Belanger
soon, or possibly move back to LA, but I wanted to 
put out an alert, as he's bad news.  And yes, there                                                                 are two sides to every story, my part was being 
gullible and not doing due diligence on this fellow first.

I am planning on doing a different pod-casting site, on sustainability and
another on women's HER-story, with a more journalistic bent.  And I'm looking
for freelance work.  You can see my most recent piece, an EPK for Bruce
George, on my profile.


Melissa Ulto                                                                                             multo.com

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