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          by Barbara Ricci

What is going on here will the real Democrats please standup?  You can fool the people most of the time, but, not all of the time.  I think the political party line vote is over, it’s one huge political corporation, and the Board of Elections needs to be investigated, and a lot of people need to go to jail, it’s fraud, it’s an obstruction of justice, it’s a violation of our American Civil Rights.  The question is who will step up to the plate to bring these people who are responsible for this to Justice?  I think, it’s time the FEDS research and dig deep into the dark political character and close friends of people running for office and the elected officials who have been in political office for years, like Nick Spano.  The Spano’s have made Westchester politics a family business, they took and turned all the Westchester County office jobs, into a polluted pool of organized crime, nepotism, political favors and under the table deals, leaving a paper trail a mile long and selling their souls to the devil. Doyle, Spano, and Pirro are just to name a few.


We certainly came a long way, me and Janet, we both grew

up together in Mount Vernon, on North Sixth Avenue.  My

grandparents were Helen and Lefty Petrone.  It’s such a

small world isn’t it?  My cousin Beth Petrone is Rudy

Giuliani’s assistant.  I come from a big family! The

funny thing is that Janet Difore has worked side by side

with Jeanine Pirro for years,

and she also worked at the

corrupt Mount Vernon Police

Department for years too, but

that’s a whole other story, and

now she’s the Westchester County District Attorney.  It’s like,  the Pirro record is skipping over and over and here we go again, and we’re listening to the same old tune,  the corrupt DA Jeanine Pirro and we think that the new DA Janet Difiore have been the best of friends and worked together for years and that is simply not so, the soft spoken Janet Difiore is really a loud mouth in a fight against corruption.  Mount Vernon is the core of all the corruption in Westchester County, it’s the root of all corruption, we must remember that.  There are so many implants inside the walls of Westchester County Politics it’s impossible to tell between the good guys and the bad guys.  Through my investigations I found out that Janet Difiore is a good guy, now her Chief of staff is another story.  Tell me something readers, if I did foul play to your $10,000.00 dollar car, and I pushed you in the street, and I sprayed you with a water hose like a dog, would I be breaking the law?   This is conspiracy and I prove it with this video link below.   Take a look at the letter that I received from the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office,  Janet Difiore brushes off nicely,  but her Chief of Staff has disregarded looking into an investigation into the complaints against the car dealer, and the Department Of Motor Vehicle inspectors from the Yonkers DMV,  as you can see.  This letter Janet Difiore’s Chief of Staff sent me is concerning because it seems like it’s business as usual inside the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office.  I think Janet Difiore has done a lot of good, and yet things seem to be the same, I guess change takes time especially when your fighting against corruption, especially, when it’s your fellow colleagues your taking down.  Janet Difiore has my support when I look at the big picture of what she will accomplish in the long run, change takes time, but it’s necessary.   Watch the video, and you be the judge!

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