Does anyone know that Reginald LaFayette is from Mount Vernon

I remember Reginald LaFayette standing on top of Mount Vernon City Hall stairs wearing dark sun glasses and a pimp hat in a dark suit staring directly at me.  As I stood at a rally protesting that the Mount Vernon Police Department was corrupt, he was cold as ice that I got a chill through my body on a warm summer day.  Reginald LaFayette has been a bad seed since 1991 he was the Mount Vernon City Clerk when Mount Vernon was at it’s height of being the most corrupt city in all of Westchester County, New York polluted with the most corrupt Politicians, Police Department, Court System and School System back then.  Today, he is the head of the Westchester County Democratic Party and the Westchester Board of Elections in White Plains.  As, you can see all the corruption in Mount Vernon followed LaFayette into Westchester County and now you can see that Westchester County Politics turned into one huge cesspool full of polluted Politicians formally from Mount Vernon.  Rob Astorino is doing a great job cleaning out the cesspool in Westchester County Government, and we are proud to say that we also endorsed Rob Astorino for Westchester County Executive.  I think when Reginald Lafayette is taken down, that’s when the Westchester County Political Corruption will diminish.   

Reginald Lafayette

We Must Never Forget The Curse


There is a dark evil cloud that hovers over the Mount Vernon Police Department, it’s considered a curse.

How many Elected Officials turned their heads when the corruption filled the air, day after day, in 1991?  How many lives were destroyed for political favors?

No one ever acknowledge how wrong and wicked it was to destroy innocent lives that were falsely accused, arrested and abused by the Mount Vernon Police Department, innocent citizens were arrested and locked up in jail cells where they were treated worse than a dog in the pound.  They even killed innocent people.

Mount Vernon, New York is cursed with a curse, until all the officials publicly acknowledge the wrong doings and apologize to the founding families of Mount Vernon for these acts of violence against these innocent victims.

For All Those Corrupt Police and Politicians

God’s Word Still Remains...

“Children Suffer For The Sins Of Their Fathers”

This was written many years ago, and it comes

from the word of God, the Holy Bible.


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Was she an informant? Did someone send a message to the undercover police by leaving her dead outside the police department. What happened to this pregnant woman?  Gizela Andrade was found dead outside the gang narcotic division for undercover police agents at 500 Abbott Avenue at the border in Mt. Vernon/Bronx Line.

Mount Vernon, New York

There is a dark cloud hovering over Mount Vernon, New York.  There is a world wind of trouble blowing through this four square miles of wickedness.  Mayor Clinton Young must demand that the Mount Vernon Police Department and his Government make serious changes to truly “Change” their ways and corrupt practices in the courtrooms against the struggling citizens who live and pass through this city called Mount Vernon, said a close source.  “If not, In God We Trust.”   Read More