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NEWS 12 WESTCHESTER: westchester news article about their lop sided practices in journalism, Michael Edelman, “Mr. Point Counter Point”  is a total joke.  Does he really think people listen to his rhetoric on News 12, huh? Westchester County voters got your number Mr. Edelman, you’re all smoke and mirrors.

                 NEWS 12 WESTCHESTER
News 12 Westchester News Director Janine Rose Crucified One Of her Own when She called cable-vision executive Diane Scholar a drunk and a drug addict
They’re old news it’s all dictation 
News 12 westchester BIAS
When Jeanine Pirro was running for New York Attorney General
A close source said,  News 12 Westchester helped Jeanine Pirro, campaign in Silver Lake, Harrison, NY. 

News 12 Westchester, News Director Janine Rose and Michael Edelman are always trying to poison the minds of the viewers by bad mouthing good people who are trying to make a difference in Westchester County.  Courageous people from Westchester County, New York, who are exposing the political corruption everyday.    

This is lop sided Journalism, and it should be looked into as public corruption, said the source.

The NEW YORK STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL, is the chief law enforcement officer for investigations to over see the New York State laws, and we thought Andrew Cuomo would bring honor, respect and honesty back into Politics, but he didn’t. 

1. Michael Edelman the political correspondent on News 12 Westchester, he’s really a little mouse but he looks like a turtle,  did you ever take a good look at him, he looks like a turtle. 

2. Michael Edelman, repeats himself, over and over again with twisted bogus words, he is so full of crap, do you ever listen to him?  Michael Edelman, you, Ken Jenkins, Janine Rose, and Jeanine Pirro, are all full of crap.

3. Michael Edelman aka. The Consultant, “Mr. Point Counter Point”  you’re a total joke.  Do you really think people listen to your rhetoric, huh? Westchester County voters know that you’re all smoke and mirrors.  

Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox is completely corrupt, and she belongs behind bars like any other criminal, and all of you news media who cover up political corruption belong there with her.  

The citizens of Westchester County know what all of you are but the sad thing is that they’re all frightened of the corruption and the conspiracy you would cause them if they spoke out against you, all of you,  you’re all corrupt, one lies and the other swears to it.  You destroy innocent lives, and you don’t even care about what you do, do you?  

Michael Edelman find a new job, the party is over, the corrupt Republican Party, Democratic Party, Conservative Party, Independent party, and Working Families Party are all one, and now, they’re all D-O-N-E.  The party is over.

Everyone knows Michael Edelman, Janine Rose, Jeanine Pirro, Andy Spano, Nick Spano, Ken Jenkins, and the rest of all these cronies are all corrupt, and this is no secret to anyone.   

This FBI investigation is not politically motivated, and this is not just about Pirro taping her husband, and this is definitely not about, the poor battered Arab wife Jeanine who is married to that no good cheat Al Pirro because a close source said, Jeanine Pirro is no angel in that department either.   All I have to say is the GreenTree Country Club in New Rochelle makes Jeanine’s favorite Martinis, don’t forget her olives.   

This is about Jeanine Pirro the former Westchester County District Attorney,  who has broke the law on numerous occasions, it’s her unethical behavior, and it puts all of us Americans at risk, who depend on the New York State laws to protect us.   

This is about us the American people, and all the victims and family’s who were Jeanine Pirro’s victims; this is vindication day for all of us Westchester County Residents who have been victimized by JEANINE PIRRO. 

Judge Jeanine Pirro, is not just some famous lady in a nice suit, she’s callous and dangerous to society.   If, anyone of us civilians did what she has done, we would be in jail.  True or not true? Absolutely true.  

Let’s not forget that it was Al Pirro who made this Arab woman named JEANINE FERRIS, somebody, she was a nobody from upstate New York.  

Al Pirro, helped her get the Italian votes with his Italian PIRRO name, all these years.   She fooled us Italians for so many years into believing she was an Italian, but she’s not an Italian, she’s an Arab.  

The Italian voters have the largest population of votes in New York State.  That’s how JEANINE PIRRO stood in office all these years or the election was fixed in Westchester County, New York.  

The people must be informed about this evil woman JEANINE PIRRO.  JEANINE PIRRO is nothing but a lie, just like News 12 Westchester.  You’re nothing but a lie Michael Edelman.  Janine Rose, you’re nothing but a lie.  You think you can control the mind of the News 12 Viewers, but your just two Raging Bulls talking to yourselves in a mirror because no one is listening to all your bullsh-t.

You act like you know so much in front of the camera, and you know nothing.  

Don’t forget Jeanine Pirro stepped down from running in the last election for Westchester County District Attorney because she knew, everybody knew, Pirro would have lost that election to Tony Castro, unless there is a three way race. 

This investigation about Jeanine Pirro is not about a bad marriage, absolutely not, this is about the corruption of Westchester County, and all of you helped JEANINE PIRRO get away with it all these years, all of you, but, not any more, The Westchester News.Com tells all. 

NEWS 12 WESTCHESTER The Brady Bunch, the political team is to blame.  How do you guys sleep at night, huh?   It’s just a pay check to all of you, you get money to ruin innocent lives, it’s a slap in the face to the people of Westchester County, and you’re all to blame for covering up the truth for all these years, and you all know, that I know the truth about what goes on behind the scenes, political corrupt dictation and coverup.Westchester_Citizens_Rally_For_A_Cause/Entries/2009/8/14_NEWS_12_WESTCHESTER_Needs_A_Change_In_Direction.htmlTHE_WESTCHESTER_NEWS_National_Press_New_York_Local.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1

News 12 Westchester, is just as corrupt as Jeanine Pirro, and if, Jeanine Pirro was rushed to the hospital for colon surgery, they'd have to rush all your NOSES with her.”  I know that sounds funny, but it’s a serious position to be in as journalist. 

NEWS 12 WESTCHESTER:   Shame On You!

On the air, you report news to the Westchester Community by the dictation from corrupt politicians.

Now that is, as lopsided as a story can get,  that’s what you’re about lopsided JOURNALISM, isn’t it?

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Westchester Politicians are under a microscope

Ex-Senator Nick Spano is better known as “Don Nick” aka. “The Godfather of Westchester”  He pulls the strings with all his political cronies from New York City to Albany.  He is the king of conspiracy and the root of all the corruption in Westchester County Politics, he’s the man who calls the shots.  After, Nick Spano was questioned by the FBI he hire Richard Levitt a high profiled attorney in New York City for his expertise in political corruption and negotiation strategy because he knows he’s in trouble, said a close source.  Read More 

Watch New Years Eve 2011 in New York City “Repeats” on the Times Square web-page!

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International Brotherhood Of Teamsters Explosive Video, and Louis Picani, Business Agent for Teamsters Local 456 yells out “You Give them a raise!”  When Barbara Ricci says “When a man talks like that in a room full of woman... Louie Picani yells, You give him a raise.”   

The Yonkers DPW employee, a Teamster for 9 years “Victor Economico” who says he’ll take the heat, took the heat, his job was terminated.

Yonkers City Employee list of names, salaries, and departments 2009 Read More

The Westchester News

Westchester County Free Public Records Directory 2010 Read More

The issue of “Yonkers Corporation Council Frank Rubino” who has overseen the ethic law department at Yonkers City Hall has a new job, his new employer is Harris Beach Law Firm, and when Hezi Aris, the Publisher of the Yonkers Tribune, came across that infomation, he raised the issue to the Yonkers Corporation Council, is this ethical?

Hezi raised his eyebrow high with the thought that Rubino’s employment by Harris Beach is unethical and definitely a conflict of interest because Rubino had to oversee Harris Beach’s work and involvement in the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency, all while Frank Rubino was still the head of the Yonkers Corporation Council, so Hezi wrote to the Yonkers Ethics Board about this matter.

The Ethics Board wrote back to Hezi Aris indicating that it found no ethics violations in regard’s to Frank Rubino’s business relationship with Harris Beach Law Firm, but, the board’s July 19 letter did not make any reference to Harris Beach’s new status as the city’s representative in the Irma Marquez case.  They’re arrogant!

Yonkers Corporation Council, are a bunch of arrogant gophers for Phil Amicone and they know exactly how to ignore the publics complaints. They answer every single complaint they receive in the same manner, “The Yonkers Corporation Council finds no ethics violations or wrong doing.” They sign it, and hand it to the receptionist and say, “Put a stamp on it and mail it, Maryann!”  These city officials laugh at people who complain to them, they know the deal,  it doesn’t include doing something about a complaint, they ignore it.  I study their facial expressions on camera, they’re creeps.

Watch the smirch on John Murtagh’s face, when I am asking Edmund Hartnett, the Yonkers Police Commissioner questions, watch John Murtagh’s face closely, his facial expression says it all, Murtagh is a “Politician” and a  Yonkers City Councilman representing Crestwood.

Westchester County Politicians and Public Officials have a problem with News Reporters they can’t dictate to!  They can’t control National Press Reporter Barbara Ricci, so they do everything in their power to ridicule her, but, she doesn’t get intimidated by them, she stays focussed and continues to do her job and bring the truth to the people.

Frank Rubino joins a law firm Harris Beach against Irma Marquez who was beaten and thrown to the floor by a Yonkers cop Wayne Simoes.

Cop Cleared 

Wayne Simoes was acquitted

Yonkers Law Officials Make Their Own Laws

Yonkers Corporation Council Frank Rubino

Harris Beach Attorney Bio Frank Rubino

Here is Harris Beach’s court filing:

Harris Beach takes over body slam brutality suit

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The next video on the lower right is a real eye opener into the arrogance of  Yonkers Politicians

About Frank Rubino’s Ethics

The Westchester News Tells the truth about Yonkers “We Protect Our Sources”

Watch carefully the Part when Mayor Phil Amicone is talking at a Press Conferrence, watch the man on the right side of him, grining and laughing, he’s an attorney for the Yonkers Corporation Council.  

Yonkers board members names directory appointed by the Mayor Phil Amicone:

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