Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway has a lot of answering to do about a Gambling Ring embedded on the inside, said a close source on The Westchester News Read More

Biggest Empire City Casino Scam 2010

Truth Remains The Truth

Either I’m a Lucky Charm or the Empire City Casino in Yonkers is scamming people by having the ability to make people win or lose jackpots at the finger tips of a bunch of retired cops controlling the slot machines with using the eye in the sky cameras.

Empire City Casino Scam 2010  READ THE REVIEWS

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Empire City Casino in Yonkers, New York.

Documented May 17, 2010 I feel like something bad is going to happen there, and I don't want to be there when it does happen.  "I always say I will never step foot in Empire City Casino again, but, I will, and I feel like the place is cursed with a curse, the curse of confusion and corruption. Sometimes, I feel an evil presence there, so badly that one night I cried so badly because I met people who have lost there homes gambling there. When I was there tonight on May 17, 2010, that's when I knew something bad is going on inside this place, something very dark and evil.  When I left there tonight tears rolled down my face, I cried because I know that this place is evil and wicked, this place is making too much money off of the working class and not giving them a fair chance, and New York State and Westchester County  Politicians, State Officials and the Executive Security Team are all involved in this big scam, and they're all personally making a lot of money in their pockets from these rigged slot machines, every machine spins out of control at the hands of these evil men mentioned above.  They're robbing the people by rigging the machines with the help of the eyes in the sky "The Cameras in the ceiling, the camera techs are involved in this huge scam, they're all wicked." They are robbing the patrons blind. They're even robbing the mentally challenged and handicap, everyone who walks into this casino is a victim, said a close source. Did you ever ask yourself, why don't they ever use the winners in their commercials or have the winners pictures hanging at the entrances of the casino, like other casino's do?  Ask yourself why?  Well, a close source said, there are very few payouts that actually go to the public.  Ask yourself again, where is all the money going?  They promised to take care of the Yonkers School System, but, they owe the City Of Yonkers 20 million dollars in tax money. Go figure, how a casino making millions in a day, has an excuse for not picking up the slack in Yonkers Schools to give taxpayers a break, and then the best is this, you'll see the "Politician" Mike Spano call a press conference to stick up for the casino on News 12 Westchester.  Yet, he and his brother Nick Spano could afford to buy an estate compound in the Hamptons, and they have free fundraisers at the Empire City Casino, but yet, Mike Spano says on camera that the Empire City Casino shouldn't have to pay the City Of Yonkers taxpayers "20 Million Dollars" that they owe them because the casino employs so many people. Mike Spano is a joke, he's a puppet for his older brother Nick Spano "the lobbyist." Mike Spano and his big brother Nick Spano should be investigated for being involved in the biggest scam in New York State, Empire City Casino, said a close source.  The head of the security at the casino are close friends with Nick and Mike Spano, and they're all involved in the scam.  The retired Yonkers Cops, who run the security team behind the cameras are involved in rigging the machines. These people are living large big, and they should be investigated by the FBI.   They have the capability to delete all the winnings that they payout, and they can rig the machines to stop any winning from happening by rolling the machines, they also can make a winning happen at anytime, whenever or whoever they want it to happen for; locals who visit this casino regularly are fed up with the casino, they believe the machines are rigged, and all they want is a fair chance to win, but they'll never get it, said a source One night,  I won on every machine I sat down on to play,  it's never happened before or after that one night.  A close source said, Mr. Rooney the owner of the Yonkers Racetrack and Casino said, he didn't want anymore bad press, he told this to the Executive Security Team, so they thought if they could make me win that I would consider writing good things about the casino on The Westchester News, but, not a chance.  However, I can say this with confidence that these machines are rigged at the hands of these evil men.

Documented: Friday, September 16, 2011 Recently, a crowd of patrons were complaining about the Hispanic waitresses abusing them and refusing to give them soda's and told them, you not in my section you find you waitress go sit down you no sitting down, my boss tell me, if you don't sit down I no give you free soda, I have to listen to my boss, this waitress could hardly speak English and she kept getting louder and louder talking nasty to the gamblers with a heavy accent. These Hispanic waitresses are doing this to black gamblers and white gamblers, but, not to hispanic gamblers in the casino. People are losing hundreds of dollars in this casino and they can't even get a free soda without an argument with a foreigner who can't even speech English, it's sickening. The Hispanic waitresses don't have a problem giving soda to Hispanic patrons, they get whatever they want from these waitresses with a smile and some Spanish conversation. This casino is a disgrace to every American Patron who plays there, we lose our money and we have to be abused by these street waitresses that they hire for cheap labor, and they don't even speak English. Hispanic's can have this place, I'll go to Mohegan Sun or Atlantic City on the bus because who needs this crap, said a close source. They should change the name of this casino to Spin-Yalls Casino in Yonkers, no free soda for you, if you speak English, said a close source. OMG, we took a peak in the bathroom near the food court and these people are still pissing and shitting all over the toilet seats, but, I got one better, now, they're pissing and shitting on the game seats, therefore, everyone should start bringing disinfectant wipes or spray because you are being exposed to deadly bacteria, and it's only a matter of time before there will be an outbreak because bacteria grows rapidly and in time diseases will begin to spread. The gaming seats are all torn, the machines are dirty, and the place is low life, and you can't win in this place, said a source. This casino could have been something nice, but, the politicians, the ownership, and the management Bob Galterio has disregarded our reports and all have declined comment by deciding to cater to a low class element that patron the casino. You can tell how low class this place is after five minutes of walking around it, the seats smell like ass, it's gross, said a source. Honestly, it's really better to make an effort to take a little ride and go to a casino where they cater to Americans, this casino caters to Hispanics, just look at their waitresses and bartenders, and you'll know who they're catering to, there is no diversity, and on Ladies Night at the bar, they serve half price margaritas, but, you pay full price for beer and mix drinks. The truth is they rig the slot machines for their relatives and friends, they know what machines are going to hit, and people stop by to win the jackpot, it's just not the locals who win, said a source. I love this saying, "How do you know a tree? You know a tree by its fruit. You've got to love these Chiquita Bananas on the Empire City Casino tree, oh, can we get a cheap lap dance with that half price margarita, oh, I get it you want a dollar moocho, for a free soda, said a source." We investigate it, and we write about it, we tell you the truth. The Westchester News.Com