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                                YONKERS POLITICAL RACE                                                


Phil Amicone remarked on News 12 that 
Sam Zherka owns a strip club in New York 
City, why don’t Phil Amicone, tell the 
“People Of Yonkers” about his ex-friend at
Sammy’s Club, when he enjoyed a lap dance 
from the stripper, when he was hanging out 
late nights at the strip club, and then he 
would stop at Rory Dolan’s on Mclean 
Avenue with his entourage for a late 
night snack,  go ask Phil Amicone about                                                                                                                                             
that night, a close source told us. 
The Westchester News.Com 

Yonkers Councilman John Murtagh shares an office with Hezi
Aris, and Joe Spiezio at his office building at 55 Main Street, Ah, Yonkers is a sell out, a local hard working contractor can’t get a permit to build squat in Yonkers, it’s a slap in the face to the citizens of Yonkers, these guys made Yonkers their playground, forget about it, nobody cares, money is their God, a close source told The Westchester News.  
                    Read the article in the journal news 
Mr. Martinelli is gone.


                                                              A close source to Mayor Phil Amicone said, “the man ruined         
                                                              Yonkers,  but that’s not, what he wants to hear, so we politely agree, 
                                                              smile, nod, and clap lightly for him, until the next time we get to pull 
                                                              the damn lever on Election Day.   Mayor Spencer made Phil Amicone      
                                                              a very rich man, he really did.“  Look at all of them their all filthy rich.
                                                               ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS  PHIL AMICONE
Mayor Spencer was well liked by everyone, but he’s corrupt too, it’s just a terrible disgrace how Phil Amicone turned on John Spencer, the man who gave him the biggest opportunity of his life, and made him the Deputy Mayor of Yonkers.  This Mayor Phil Amicone is an all round real creep o la.  

Jeanine Pirro asked why Andrew Cuomo refused to debate with her during 
the Attorney General race?  Simple, Andrew Cuomo doesn’t debate with 

Phil Amicone, endorsed Jeanine Pirro when she was running for Attorney General, like he has a vote to give, 
not likely, anyway she lost, and he will lose too because people are FED UP with all the greed.  We are not fooled by Phil Amicone, Jeanine Pirro, Andrew Cuomo, and their Political Party friends like the Spano’s,  and their  political tactic’s, and the media giving them airtime to promote  themselves like their heros around Westchester County, we know the truth, we live here, we know, the waterfront looks beautiful,  but the rest of Yonkers looks like garbage,  the side streets are falling apart, side walks are crumbling, there is litter and graffiti everywhere,  the streets are not safe, and the schools are disgusting, just about  
everywhere you look Yonkers is in desperate need of repairs and renovation. 
Honestly,  I wouldn’t send my dogs to the Yonkers Public Schools,  but Mr. Mayor 
the Waterfront does look beautiful.   Phil Amicone, I have to tell you the truth, you’re 
a really good engineer, but you suck at being a Mayor.   Frankly, the citizens of Yonkers
need a Mayor who will bring relief to the taxpayer,  Mom and Pop business owners are any of them American, and who will pay attention to our city streets and neighborhoods because the quality of life in Yonkers has rapidly declined since you’ve been in that Mayors office, the best solution for Yonkers is that you resign from your position and do not even think about running for office again.  I’ll say it again, plain and simple, you may be a good engineer, if even that, but you truly suck at being a Mayor. 

The Yonkers Community knows that Commissioner Taggart was pushed out and set up by Phil Amicone. 

An Open Letter

Dear Yonkers Police Commissioner Robert Taggart Sir,

You gave the City Of Yonkers, and the Yonkers Police Department Good Leadership, and you did an Excellent Job.

Commissioner Taggart, you gave me a reason to believe and have respect in Police, and all the good men and women in uniform.  Now,  I know there are good policemen because I was blessed to meet you.  As I write this note there is a tear rolling down my face.  You can retire knowing that you did a good thing here, and an honorable job for all of us Yonkers citizens.   

Thank you Sir,  
Barbara Ricci, Publisher
Westchester County, NY City Of Yonkers Mayor Scandal

YONKERS: Westchester County, NY - City Of Yonkers Mayor Scandal Westchester News Article Story, Breaking News, Police, Politics, Scandal: YONKERS: NEWS 12 WESTCHESTER: Westchester News Article About Their Lop Sided Practices in Journalism: The Westchester News Media Publisher Barbara Ricci Thanks Former Yonkers Commissioner Taggart for his service to the citizens of Yonkers.

The Yonkers Police Commissioner Robert Taggart

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