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Biden Indictments Are Coming Soon he is the reason so many Americans are being killed violently on the streets of America he OPENED OUR BORDERS TO MURDERERS! 

Americans across this country are fed-up with mandates and the side effects that come with them.  America is a free society and Americans have had it, enough is enough.  We are not a 3rd world country nor will we ever be one. We want Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to step down, they both have stepped over their boundaries, said a close source.  Democrats have blood on their hands.

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joe biden, kamala harris.jpeg

What they have done to America is criminal. They should be held accountable for the attack of violence they have created in our cities and on our city streets, borders, and bankrupting our businesses across America. They have robbed the American people of their liberty and their "Pursuit of Happiness"
it's impossible to believe that they won the Presidential Election, a close source said.  All the executive orders he signed should be reversed and Joe Biden should resign. 

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About US

Corruption is accepted as Normal, it's so widespread! "Being corrupt, just, to get ahead in one's own career, it doesn't say much, except, no one has accomplished anything more than, corruption." --Barbara Ricci

The Publisher of The Westchester News, Barbara Ricci, is a strongly opinionated and strong minded business woman who believes in putting her work before anything else. What I mean is, Barbara Ricci believes that money doesn't motivate her like exposing corruption and lies. The truth gets her respect! She's a compassionate and truthful person herself. Barbara says, "I'm gonna tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not." She respects the Righteousness of Almighty God. Barbara is real, as real as the Gospel, not at all weak, she's passionate, but, can be vicious when she's writing the reality in her stories. The truth is extremely powerful, the truth is the most powerful weapon in the world. I learned a longtime ago that the truth defends the falsely accused! When Barbara writes, she doesn't leave a stone unturned! If there is no evidence there is no story, no truth to hearsay, therefore, there is no substance to a liars story. 


I think you get it! Barbara deals with people accordingly, if someone is a freak, I talk like a freak, if someone is educated I speak eloquently and sophisticated, if someone is a pig, oink, oink, if someone is a cyberbully, I deal with them accordingly! I think you get my ethics. I don't let people shove their beliefs down my throat, I become a mirror for them to reflect on. I don't follow simpleminded rules that are man-made evil demands on the public, this woman Barbara Ricci, leads by example, not by suggestion.  


If you can't handle the truth stay out of The Westchester News! We are Online All The Time. Our sources are many, Barbara is an Investigative News Reporter and she asks tough questions during her interviews. 


Publisher Barbara Ricci, An Honorable Member of the National Press Club 2007- Present


Barbara Ricci is the Publisher of The Westchester News.Com, located in Westchester County, New York.  She established Westchester Online News, one of the first news online and after the first year in operation she received the Venture Capital Award for being in the top 10% of 100,000 companies online and became an honorable member of the National Press Club in Washington DC.  Barbara's profile has been in Who's Who in America for many years.  She has received numerous awards throughout her career as an entertainer, New York Comedian, beauty consultant and businesswoman. 


Barbara retired her title of Mrs. Westchester County, New York, USA in the late 90’s.  She also has received the titles, Mrs. Civic Minded, Mrs. Perseverance, and Mrs. Congeniality Of New York State numerous times. Barbara Ricci has competed with some of the most influential women throughout New York.


Barbara is also a cancer survivor for over 30 years and she is working on her very personal story and compelling book, she  will publish her book soon! - you'll find it on Amazon and Bookstores. “I’m Still Standing.” The Barbara Ricci Story! But, until then, you can read: The Westchester News

Contact: 914 237-8631 


Fact: I'm strongly opinionated, I take no nonsense from anyone.


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The Westchester News is the most trusted news media on the internet, we expose liars and corruption, conspiracy, notorious politicians, corrupt people and organizations. We expose them all right here on this news, and they all get indicted or resign.

We get the facts from our unlimited database of reliable sources. This is an investigative news media a network full of stories. 


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Abe Vigoda, Actor
"The Godfather"

"Barbara this is certainly good writing"

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Jim Jennings, NYC
Broadway Producer

"Barbara never stop writing"


Barbara Ricci, Publisher
Award Winning Writer


"I am honored to have met so many famous and talented people through the years of being in the entertainment industry"

ONE ON ONE with Barbara Ricci

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