Americans Want Their Country Back!

When will this nightmare end for America? 

Joe Biden became the 46 President of the United States of America under the Leadership of Barack Obama.  Let's talk about how this old man got into the White House and destroyed every good thing about America. 

Let's start how he campaigned in his basement, he rallied in small parking lots with a couple of people sitting in cars beeping their horns. Not many people supported Joe Biden, so how did he win the Presidential Election in 2020? 

It didn't take long for him to sign executive orders and create regulations to stop the flow of oil through our pipelines, and thousands of Americans lost their construction jobs. 

Joe Biden stopped building the border wall and encouraged millions of illegal immigrants to flood our country and providing them with ways and means that Americans don't even have! Illegal immigrants have no vaccines and they know nothing about our way of life or our laws. They don't speak English and they expect to get everything for free! The woman push out the babies and get welfare and the men go to work save their money while the Federal Government pays their rent, household bills, and healthcare needs. Everything is taken care of for the illegal immigrant under the Biden Administration.  While Americans are living on the streets homeless and dying from illegal drugs that cross our borders.  Americans are getting killed because criminals are crossing our borders with guns and killing innocent Americans. Joe Biden and his Administration will be held accountable for their actions against the American people. 

All the money Joe Biden has taken from the Americans, billions of dollars can never be replaced and it will leave Americans with nothing, poor and our country broke, America is in grave condition. All the billions of dollars never made it to the ukrainian people the money has been washed!  The money has found it's way into the pockets of greedy corrupt politicians. They all take the money and they line their pockets with cash. Remember what the old man Bernie Madoff a Wall Street Broker did to the people that trusted him, he took all their money, all of it, for him and his family so they could live a lavish lifestyle in NYC! Bernie got caught and ended up in jail for the rest of his life, until he died. Bernies son gave him up!  That is what is gonna happen to Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden will give his father up! That's why Hunter brought his computer to the repair shop, he wanted to expose his father's wicked ways. Hunter knows his father has no love for him, and he hates his life. That's why he takes drugs and sleeps with hookers.

Look at our gas prices, Joe Biden did this to America! George Bush and Dick Cheney did it too! Oil Gas and Wars they all make money, Biden, Bush, Cheney's, Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer, and the list goes on and on.   

Joe Biden, left American babies with no formula, he weakened our reserves from gas to baby formula, Joe Biden and his administration did that!  This is not an accident this is a plan to control the American people! Rationalization is Communism! All these distractions are happening for a reason.

Joe Biden is a puppet on a string and Barack Obama is pulling the cords for the puppet mouth to move .  When Barack Obama was President he had the Nation of Islam at the White House everyday praying on their knees on the patio terrace at noon.  Barack Obama is a Middle Eastern "half" black man.  The Democrat blacks in Congress are all Muslim and members of Islam. Christian Blacks don't act like Muslim Blacks! The American Christian Black's are good people they believe in the ways of God an Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior! They will not vote Democrat and they do not kill innocent babies with Abortion.

Do you wonder why we can't buy fresh Maine Lobsters anymore, Barack Obama was the first President that wanted to shut down the Gulf of Maine waters! When Trump got into office he opened the waters and cut regulations so the Fishermen can make a living again and we could enjoy affordable fresh Lobsters! When Joe Biden got into office, he shut the waters with bogus allegations that Whales get caught in the Lobster nets, and that is simply not true in these waters.  It's a political failure when working class Americans can't enjoy a fresh Lobster for less than $18.00 a pound! There has not been a Whale entanglement in over 20-years.  The Maine Lobster Association is fighting the Federal Government in Court for blocking a large portion of the Gulf of Maine where Fishermen make their living.  Joe Biden is doing everything he can against the American people and he is trying to destroy our homeland. He should be removed from office and impeached this is Treason and Joe Biden is not fit to be the President of the United States of America.  

Barack Obama thinks nobody knows that he is behind the curtain pulling the strings. He better think again because from here to Maine and across this great Nation that belongs to the American people we know what he's doing and why he is doing it! Barack Obama's secrets are exposed, he's the puppet master behind Joe Biden's Presidency.