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Before You Rent a Car READ THIS


Hertz Took the Wrong Customer for a ride. Bloomberg Magazine Published a story about a NYC Professor's horrible experience with Hertz Car Rental.Heading 2

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We all have different experiences! The worst experience is when a consumer gets ripped off because they don't bother to double check their invoices and balances to make sure there is an itemized bill from a merchant for what they spent on their credit card.

This action is unfortunate because many consumers are getting ripped off by Merchants like Hertz on a daily basis. It's plain to see that some Merchants don't hire trustworthy customer service. I refer to them as "Satan's Children" and they're ripping you off so they can have a buffet luncheon in their office. It's a joke to them and these are the Supervisors doing it!

When I raise an eyebrow you should know I have no choice but to take a second look and that is exactly what I did when I rented a car this summer 2022 to take a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina for an event.  I paid over $1000.00 in the end for a 4 day trip, but trust me it wasn't worth the money.

We rented an SUV keyless, the car was not cleaned we found a dirty paper dish under the seat, the gas tank had less than a quarter of a tank of gas, they didn't show me how anything worked, including the radio.  And, here is the kicker, we rented it from Hertz Car Rental through Travelocity by Expedia website. Travelocity by Expedia is a good website for discounts, however, Hertz Car Rental was devious, and underhanded!

We purchased insurance from Travelocity for $80.00, and Hertz Rental said they didn't see it on our agreement and they charged us an extra $96.00! On the invoice they said the rental car had a full tank of gas, no it didn't, it was less than a quarter of a tank of gas, I took a photo of the gas lever. They tried every trick in the book!

The car was suppose to be disinfected and cleaned, it was not, then I told them I have EZ PASS, they said that don't work with our rentals, if you use your own EZ PASS you will get charged double from HERTZ! There were a lot of red flags but I went with the punch's.  I had to get on the road.

When I brought the car back they had a lot of extra fee's on my bill, over $1500.00, yes indeed, they took that out of my credit card. And I immediately, said WHAT, that is all wrong, I added it up and realized Hertz Car Rental was ripping me off. I called Travelocity by Expedia and they agreed and Hertz Car Rental adjusted the bill.  

Then, came the PLATEPASS BILL $65.21 for Tolls and Bridges another department of Hertz Car Rental, they try to make you think there a 
government office of EZ PASS but it's not, it's HERTZ.

Hertz again, took more money out of my credit card without sending me an itemized bill. Highway Robbery that is what this is!

Then when I asked for an itemized bill for what they were charging me for and then after talking to about 5 supervisors in the executive office they told me we don't do that! WHAT? This is a CONSUMER ALERT!!! What are you charging me for BESIDES Tolls and Bridges she said, an administration fee $17.85. I said, can you remove that fee and send me an Itemized Bill of the Bridges and Tolls I am paying for? I was not told about all these fees. I want to see if there are over charges on your invoice. She said no problem, but, I see here you have more Bridges and Tolls that just came in that I have to charge you for plus another $17.85 fee on top of that!

That was the turning point, I called my credit card and told them they refuse to give my an itemized bill! They took money out of my account without my permission. My credit card gave me my money back every penny. Merchants can't take what they want out of your credit card without your permission. 

Myrtle Beach is Ghetto, be careful because a lot of Motels and Hotels on are Ghetto, but they don't tell you that, and when you get there you will realize how low life these homeless packed hotels and motels are with street people partying, fighting and loud.  Ghetto is Ghetto no matter which way you look at it!  You will end up telling the management excuse me we can't stay here!!!

Do you know what the "Motel Hotel" did they charged my credit card anyway because I didn't cancel 24 hours before my reservation. 
 LOL in their dreams because that didn't happen for them. Don't sweat it, I got all my money back! A Bunch of Rip offs!

End of Story! 
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