How Do They Become Child Killers?

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Do you ever ask yourself how do children killers get to pull the trigger of a gun so precisely at their target and kill? There are many answers to these questions and it has nothing to do with Gun Laws, and everything to do with the violence that plagues within the mind of a child.

When people allow their children to watch violent movies, horror flicks, and play violent video games these are the components that embed inside the minds of children.  Children  are visual beings they if you feed them crap everyday that is what they can relate too!  

If children throw tantrums to get their own way and you let them end up getting their way because you are guilty your child does not have a father. Your child will grow up to be a radial unstable human being possibly a murderer, unless they find stability from other adults around that teach them the difference between right and wrong.

These kids are not mentally ill, they are brainwashed, and their minds are preoccupied with thoughts of evil, violence and death. They are what they absorb, if they play violent video games where they kill people and killing people becomes exciting, they will seek that thrill as they get older and they will have a perfect shot into the heads of the innocent people they choose to kill.  

Guns are not the problem, violent video games are the problem. Take them away from your children, ban video games before your child ends up killing you.  

Banning Guns will not stop gun violence, however, banning violent video games will stop the violence and murders.

Take your children to socialize with others outdoors, walks in nature, fishing, to the park, and more importantly, sports, dancing, and competitions win or lose they learn to be good sports.  They make new friends and they grow mentality from these experiences.  

Teach your children about the love of Jesus Christ, teach them to pray and take them to a Bible Based Church.  Take them to visit animal shelters to spend time with pets. Hug your child and tell them you love them. Teach them to respect their elders, old people should be honored. Cursing should not be accepted out of the mouth of children. 

When you allow your children to play violent video games, you sell your Childs soul to the devil. Do not allow horror flicks or violent movies into your home they bring evilness into your life.