Gay Leaders Come With Baggage

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It's attentively clear that Gay Leaders Are Obsessed With Being Gay! A Gay Florida State Senator breaks down in tears while debating the "Don't Say Gay Bill." The Florida Senator Shevrin Jones had a moment to reflect on his own personal experience when he "came out of the closet as a Gay Man at age 3o. He told his Christian parents and family he's gay, his father is a well-known Pastor.

Senator Shevrin Jones said, in an interview on TV, that he wants to fight for little children who might be gay and he is against Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis' Bill, "Don't Say Gay" or teaching anything Gay to little children.

The Gay Teachers were skipping down the school hallway yelling GAY, GAY GAY! To disrespect the new law, "Don't Say Gay" to children.  Children should not be taught about Gay Sex when they are in elementary school because the minds of 
kindergarteners, First, Second and Third Graders are too fragile to comprehend the graphic analogy of "Gay Sexual Acts" and it doesn't matter what the LGBTQ thinks, it matters what straight parents think about what your teaching their children.  

It's Gay Baggage and its an obsession with Gay's being accepted in society, as in, it's ok to be Bi-Sexual, it's normal for a little boy to be sexually attracted to another little boy and little girls to be sexually attracted to other little girls, and it's ok if a little boy wants to dress like a little girl and a little girl wants to dress like a little boy. Well, it's not normal and it shouldn't be taught to children in elementary school.

If a little girl wants to be a Tom boy that's fine and when she grows up she can choose to be a 
Lesbian.  She doesn't need the LGBTQ telling her she is a Lesbian. She will be accepted without the LGBTQ baggage being shoved down her throat. Everyone in the neighborhood knew she was a Tom boy, no one taught her she was gay, she grew up a normal child. Straight girls are Tom boy's too!  Leave children alone let them be children.  

It's not normal to teach children about being gay in elementary school. Teachers are there to teach academics, and children are their to learn how to read and write, add and subtract, sing and dance, and play at recess in the school yard.  It's the parents job to teach their children about personal issues.
This is a problem when LGBTQ Gay's become politicians, teachers, etc. They don't care about all of us Americans they just care about "Gay issues" and that is a problem.

Not every straight person is going to have empathy to listen to a Gay's sad story about being Gay or about their Gay Rights! Gay's are too obsessed with being Gay, they want everyone to be in the Gay lane. That's just not gonna happen for the LGBTQ!

LGBTQ visits students in colleges and tells straight students everyone is Bi-sexual, and that is the first lie!

Gay's want everyone to feel sorry for them because they had to "Come Out" as an adult.

The word Gay, the Gay mentality is just too much for a child to understand, therefore, it's better they come out as an adult.  

No straight person wants their children to become Gay, especially not a Christian Pastor's son!  It's best they come out of the closets when they are adults, Gay is a choice!

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Children should wait until they are adults to change their gender and this is why! I watched this TV show "I Am Jazz" and observed her parents embrace and encourage their little son at a young age to have his penis cut off in NYC, and the doctors gave him a Vagina and they have been doing this procedure for years. The doctors in New York City are Gay and transgender who did the operation on Jazz. Jazz was in a lot of pain, she had inflammation and her new Vagina wasn't working right when she peed! Well anyway, it was something that looked like a Vagina, they turned her Penis skin inside out to form a Vagina, they explained it in detail.

Girls and boys have different DNA, our Hormones are different, our muscle mass is different and nothing will ever change that, he is now a she, but, Jazz is no longer a cute little child anymore she looks like a Football player! Maybe the transition to become a transgender was a mistake? Maybe not the best choice for a child. 

I think the saddest thing is when a man dresses like a woman and he still looks like a man, basically just an ugly woman wearing clown makeup. Children have phobias with Clowns, it's a really scary emotional experience for them.

Organization wants Rights, well they got them, but they don't want to stop there. Now, they want to change "Straight Peoples Rights and Beliefs" they want to teach our children they are Gay and Bi-Sexual.  They want our children to be their advocates by brainwashing them to believe their Bi-Sexual and their Rights are being violated. Just another lie.   

I don't think Gay's choose to have any type of a normal life, as straight people do, they have nothing in common with straight people.  

Yet, the only difference between a straight man and a gay man, is gay men prefer perverted sex with the same sex, and, straight men prefer sex with the opposite sex.

Gay men cannot have biological children with their male partner. Straight men can have biological children with their woman partner. 

Gay's are adopting children and have been since they are allowed to get legally married. And many have got divorced too! Now they want to change the teaching process in the public schools for children to think Transgender and Gay marriage is normal. Well it's not normal, it's legal, but not normal to straight parents that will teach their own children about their personal family values and beliefs and being Gay is not one of their beliefs. 

Gay Men, Crystal Meth and Sex 
Most Gay's and Transgenders are either very emotionally fragile, very angry toward straights and uncomfortable around straight people that don't accept them or agree with their lifestyle.  

Gay's are over sexed they want more than straight sex to the point of 
perversion.  They do drugs to put them in the mood, they're drug of choice is Crystal Meth and then they have perverted sex. Bi-Sexual's are extremely confused people, quite creepy individuals. 

Sex is in the Mind
When your mind is altered by drugs, as in Crystal Meth than Gay Sex is normal. Gay's had control of their character when they were in the closet, but when they come out among other Gays they are wild and perverted.  They are wild in NYC Gay Clubs and at the Gay Pride Parade they let it all hangout!

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Did you see "Bohemian Rhapsody"  about Freddie Mercury's life? He was so talented but his perverted confused mind killed him. He had no control.

I think the LGBTQ should discuss the long term mental destruction that comes with being gay. What does it mean to be gay? Is it worth it to be gay? There is certainly a mental imbalance among the gay community.

Stop blaming straight people, Christians, straight Families, straight Parents for the emotional confusion inside of a Gay persons mind.

The questions that should be researched and answered is how did all these Gay's get this way, was it a VACCINE
 they got when they were a child that changed their entire DNA?  There should be research done. Sex is in the Mind, you are not born Gay, I'll say it again, Sex is in the mind! 

The "Don't Say Gay Bill" in Florida is appropriate, step aside, and allow children to grow up as children.  
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