The Three Musketeers 

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The Mind of a Madman has the mind of Hitler's Blood shed and delusion.  The "New World Order Leaders" are Modern Day Hitlers and should be charged with War Crimes against Civilians around the world. God's message to them is "Let My People Go" David vs. Goliath we know who wins. 

The American President Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris are 
negotiating with terrorist leaders around the world, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and China!

The execution of innocent people in Ukraine is a witness to the execution that Hitler did to the Jews in World War II.  

United States President Joe Biden, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and, President of China Xi Jinping better known as CHI. These three Global Musketeers are abusing civilians in there countries. We can add Canada and Australia to the list of evil corrupt leaders.

Joe Biden's Administration called "American Patriots" insurrectionist-domestic terrorist and put them in prison without bail or a trial. Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden have done far worse criminal acts than we can even imagine but they're still not charged. Ukraine gave Biden's son Hunter up to the tabloids that he was being paid a certain amount of cash in the millions for a "no show" job he knows nothing about sitting on the board From May 2014, Burisma Holdings Ltd. was paying Hunter $83,333 a month to sit on its board, invoices on his abandoned laptop showed. Today, Russia invaded Ukraine and killed innocent people and causing destruction across the country. I wonder if this is 
revenge for exposing Hunter Biden? Do you think?

All of these world leaders are part of the United Nations and the root of the New World Order. China, Russia and USA Leaders have an alliance together to transform America into a communist country.  Joe Biden is money hungry, he sold his soul to the devil with his cohorts.

Joe Biden is an extremely evil man and his climate change agenda "The Green New Deal, and Covid 19 Vaccine Mandates" are just a distraction to mislead the public by putting
fear in them. The fear tactic is to brainwash, control and discipline the people to obey their wicked evil government rules in America and around the world.  All these countries are no better than Russia, they abuse civilians young and old in their countries who refuse to obey their communist threats.  All these Covid-19 rules, did not save lives, they destroyed lives and the spirit of the people in Canada, Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Cuba, Belarus, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea, Nicaragua Venezuela, and America, etc. All of them "Evil Leaders" are on board to take our freedom away and turn our free societies into lawlessness to destroy our way of life.

Canada, arrested old and young Canadians during the "Truckers Peaceful Protest" for no reason did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau do that to hardworking Canadians except to flex his evil powers upon the people. He didn't win his election and should have been removed from office. Why is he still the Prime Minister of Canada? 

Australia's Leadership told Australians to stay locked down in there homes and when the people came out to walk their dogs. Military shot and killed their dogs for not complying with the Covid-19 rules.  The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is an extremely 
wicked evil man. Why is he still in office? 

The American Joe Biden and his family should be investigated to see if any of them have off shore bank accounts pouring American dollars into these accounts or maybe China and Russia are putting kickback money in off shore accounts for Joe Biden to wash American taxpayers money and calling it financial aid for other countries? An investigation is warranted, said a close source. 

Knowledge is Power and we all remember what Hitler did to the Jews, he lead them to the slaughter, gas chamber of death. We must never forget what Hitler did to the Jews!
The Jewish people suffered and died for no reason except they were Jews. Why is this hatred and murder still happening today in Ukraine?   

It's apparent that the Jews forgot what the character of Hitler looked like, they should take to the streets in protest to stop the killing of innocent Ukrainians!  The blacks forgot what a slave master's character looked like, and, the Cubans forgot what the character of Communist Fidel Castro looked like, there are many more I can mention, but, I think I made my point!  

The Green New Deal is a joke! China and India are the most polluted countries in the World, not The United States of America! Go live in China or India for a year and you'll come back to America and kiss the ground and you'll stand up tall and take a deep breath in and you'll thank God for the greatest Country in the world, God Bless America!

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Ukraine is just a pawn in Putin and China's war for their blood thirsty crime games. The Ukrainian people are fighters and fighters always win when God is on their side. 

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Politicians all have skeletons in there closets.
We can clearly see now that Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election fair and square, our United States Government knows that too! They all look the other way including the Supreme Court of The United States because Politicians all have skeletons in there closets. Look at Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, money laundering, embezzling money from other countries, drugs, prostitution, just a lot of dirt is being exposed about these corrupt politicians. The Clintons are creeps you read the tabloids and the investigative news articles.
Joe Biden opened our borders for a reason to create chaos on our streets and put fear in the hearts of Americans.  He's not a humanitarian he's a thug.  
Confusion is of the devil, Joe Biden is an extremely confused man, he lies about everything that comes out of his mouth.  He's wicked to the core, he has no love for anyone and our country is suffering.
The consequences for allowing him and his democrat cohorts to control the Board of Elections and use "racism" and "lies" to get away with fixing the 2020 presidential election. And, "No one dare opens their mouths because they know many elections are fixed with under the table deals on both sides on Election Day, said a close source.
Vice President Mike Pence should have stopped the 2020 Election, now, he has blood on his hands and he is responsible for the destruction around the world. He's a modern day Judas.  What an abomination to Almighty God!

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This video below is the reason people should not be given a job because of the color of their skin.  Kamala Harris is not fit to be the Vice President of The United States of America. She's not educated she's a liar and just stupid. She makes blacks look dumb! Kamala Harris is no Condoleezza Rice. Rice is an educated black woman.

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Communism Political Ideology


Communism is a philosophical, social, political, and economic ideology and it's an evil movement whose goal is to establish a communist society, namely a socioeconomic order structured upon the ideas of common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state. The people are slaves to the government for which they live, the people have no rights the government owns them. The people young and old are hungry and cold in the winter they stand on long lines for food and water. A piece of bread and a cup of broth per day! Think, is this how you want to live? Stand Up and hold your banners high against communist nations here in America and around the world! Trust in the living God Jesus Christ, cry out to Him, pray, ask Him to save your country and your people from these evil satanic leaders.