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Joe Biden Your The Man To Blame

When I lay down at night with my head on my pillow I think about the failure of America. I'm not surprised at the condition this country is in since Joe Biden took office. Joe Biden is a tragedy, he is cursed with a curse and it is passed down to 4 generations, he sold his soul to the devil many years ago. He has failed himself, his family, his children and his grandchildren. He has failed an entire country, he calls himself a Catholic but he believes in Abortion the slaughter of innocent babies, he believes in men and women changing their genders, he has allowed terrorist to cross our borders and he has let violent murders out of jail free to kill again, he threatens law abiding Americans freedoms, he weaponized the Justice Department and the FBI to abuse law abiding citizens. He hired 90,000 IRS AGENTS wearing guns to go after Americans livelihoods, their finances.  He threatens our American fuel companies to close them down and then, he buys fuel off Muslim Leaders of Terrorist Countries. He uses the war in Ukraine to wash our American money that he takes from the American people. He stole the election from Donald Trump with the help of his Wicked Cohorts! God sees everything Joe Biden has done. Joe Biden is the destruction of America and the world.   

I knew all these evil things that will unfold in the world. All that's happening in the world and throughout America is written in the Word of God!

Preachers should be preaching about the last days! They should be teaching The Holy Bible to Christians around the world, not just asking for money to live their own lavish lifestyles. That is wicked! They should be teaching about the living Word of God, Jesus Christ! The Word of God was spoken and written thousands of years ago. The Lord prepares the way ahead of us, He provides for us, He is the light in this dark world.  When we cry out to Him and we trust Him he is always there for us.  God said, "And we know all things work together for good for those who love God! Amen.

God knew the world was going to grow evil, and he warned us about the last days, we are now living in end-times. Politicians want to call it global warming, it's not global warming, it's prophecy! It's end-times prophecy everything that is happening around the world is written in the Holy Bible!

This is the Prophecy of God and when you know it you will know there is nothing you can do to stop it! When you know the Truth the truth will set you free. 

Every word out of Joe Biden's mouth is a lie! When you listen to Joe Biden you are listening to the devil. You are being deceived and your being lead to the slaughter.  Joe Biden calls law abiding Americans liars when he himself is the liar.
The only people who thank Joe Biden are the illegal immigrants crossing our borders illegally! Joe Biden is nothing but a lie.

If they get away with fixing the election again, it's over, the world will be over in 4 years!

My advice to you, is give your life to Jesus Christ, ask Him to come into your heart and He will make you born again. Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved in these last days! He said, "You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, with your whole soul, and with all your mind."  

In end-times, Jesus said, Indeed you will be hated by all nations on my account. Many will falter then, betraying and hating one another.  False Prophets will rise in great numbers to mislead many. Because of the increase of evil, the love of most will grow cold.  (The False Prophets are Joe Biden and his Congregation-Administration in Congress and the Senate, and many evil leaders around the world.) 

Joe Biden Your The Man To Blame for the Destruction of America! Tend to your own house, your own family, it's a 

America and people around the world Trust Jesus Christ He is the living God! He is real! Amen.
Psalm 91 
Matthew 24 
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