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The Westchester News Local and National News Media (  We film on location in New York investigating stories we do many interviews on camera and off. Our sources are many and they are confidential. We are established since 2007, an honorable member of the National Press Club in Washington DC. We are founded in Westchester County, New York and extremely well known by many Local and National Politicians and Community Leaders and Civilians. The Westchester News is award winning and we have investigated and written hundreds of stories and produced many documentary films.

The Publisher Barbara Ricci is an award winning writer. Dedicated to her work!

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I'm an American! Tell me are you?

Made in America "What does that title mean to you? Think about it! I have thought about it for quite sometime, didn't think about it much when I was a child, but, these past few years has made me realize that I was Made in America and this is my birth right this is my country, my home. We Americans have been so kind to the strangers that have crossed our borders even knowing that many have broke the laws of our Constitution, never giving it a second thought through the years, until now. Now, I give my thoughts to it everyday that these people we Americans were so kind to, these foreigners have always had a plan to takeover our country and want our borders open.   I never thought that a black Christian was an enemy, I mean that with all my heart! When someone truly knows Jesus Christ they fight for Righteousness, the truth, and they don't see color they see a child of God standing before them! However I do believe that black, white and hispanic people who call themselves Christians some of them are not real Christians and they are not Righteous Christians in the eyes of God! Islamic people in America have a plan to takeover the world, they have infiltrated our government, polluted the minds of weak-minded Americans, created lies and corrupted the mentality of our children and robbed the lifestyle of the American people and brainwashed them into believing that they are racist and our history must be deleted it's too horrible to remember.  They have lied and caused violence around the world and weakened the minds of many. America will not nor does not belong to Islam, it belongs to the American people and the Christian Faith.  The days have been shortened because Jesus Christ "The Word Of God" will save the American people and Christians around the world! Global Warming is a lie! Jesus Christ controls the winds and the waves, read the Word of God! The Holy Bible read and learn the truth. Stop being mislead by the wicked.  Read Matthew 24! Psalm 91! Amen.   

About the BOOK

The Important Question is who is running America? We know it's not the Oldman Joe Biden, it's the Communist Leader Dictator China Chi, he is the one who is trying to takeover America! He is the one who owns Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, NBA, Tesla, Etc. Read the new book Red-Handed by Peter Schweizer Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win! 

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