The NFL has failed at promoting a respectful sport society for children to watch on TV, they ignore the indecent behavior of the entertainment they provided for their fans with children, family and community attending the Super Bowl 2022.  
The NFL has no sense of respectful pride in America's way of life, misleading the public to believe they have a stake in promoting a well balanced safe sport society but in reality they are hidden behind a mask of lawlessness and wickedness.

Let's start with the sport Football the NFL represents, the game the Cincinnati Bengals played on their defense against the Los Angeles Rams should have been addressed as foul play, straight-out cheating! The Rams won the Super Bowl but they are not the best football players in the industry of the NFL. They had no idea what they were doing on that field and it was a horrible football game an average game not at all Super Bowl level!  It was not worth watching it on TV and a complete waste of time. To think that some of the football fans paid $3,272.50- $14,876 per person. What a waste of money. 

The Halftime Show was completely dysfunctional, a straight-out Circus 

snoop dogg touching himself.jpg

How does the NFL think that respectful people can relate to this Black Ghetto Behavior? I know Ghetto Blacks think this is great entertainment, but, respectful blacks would be appalled at this Super Bowl Halftime Circus. 

The NFL didn't pay a penny for this low budget no budget dysfunctional act they call a performance on the world stage at the Super Bowl. Hip Hop Meets Rap, really? Is this what the NFL allowed after they viewed this Halftime Show before giving it the ok? NFL allowed Eminem to kneel against our country and the people that protect it! The NFL call this a Halftime Show! A lot of people are calling it something else like "What Planet is the NFL on?" Planet of the Apes? Planet of the Apes sounds fitting to call that halftime disaster where drugs had a play in the disgusting behavior that was displayed in the sex acts they called dancing and the foul words they called singing. No Mask, smoking weed inhaling and exhaling in a small area! What happened to California's strict mandates? Oh that's right mandate's, VAX SHOTS and MASKS are only for the weak minded!  Snoop Dogg was smoking weed before the Halftime Show, a real low life!

Snoop Dogg, is a 50 year old man, and he still has some serious issues, he has a drug problem that controls his ability to make adult decisions. He grabs his penis if that's what you want to call that shriveled up thing in his pants. When he is singing he's grabbing his ding dong and his dancers we're all grabbing their Ding Dongs too! What planet is Snoop Dogg on? Planet of the Apes?

Mary J. Blige, she is a 51-year old woman, she took a lot of drugs in the past it has affected her talent, her performance was dreadful, her outfit in white glitter BLING it looked like she was wearing Depends Underwear. It looked like a diaper. Who told her she looks good in that outfit at her age? She looked ridiculous! She should've wore a white glitter jumpsuit with flare slacks, she would have looked sexy with class. Instead, she looked awkward! She can't sing or dance anymore, she's not a young girl anymore. I wish somebody would tell her the truth. She needs help in the wardrobe department! She lip sic "SINKED" the first song and danced, if that's what you call it! Then when she really sang, her voice was breaking and she was shaking, it wasn't good! Mary J. Blige should keep her singing and dancing for private parties with yo friends or small gigs. Maybe it's time for her to get behind the camera and use her whatever she has left talent to help young girls make their dreams come true without using drugs. 

Dr. Dre, a DJ from Compton, California, he's a 56 year old man, he sounded and looked like an announcer at the Bingo Hall and he sounded like a backup singer for Snoop Dogg! What a disgrace! These people are not talented anymore or if they ever were, I can see why you would have to be high on drugs to think this is real talent.  

Eminem, he's a 49-year old man, M pull your pants up dude and learn how to act in public. He looked like a dirtbag and sounded like one too! He gets down on one knee to disrespect the people who keep America safe. I've seen better dressed homeless on the street. That was not a performance that was a display of character failure.

50 Cent, a 46 year old man, he's the baby of the bunch of has beens, he hung upside down like a bat out of hell! He had a bunch of girls humping on him and each other like they where humping a pole on stage at a topless bar. They looked like topless dancers wearing cheap lingerie. That is not dancing this is erotic behavior, topless dancers use these movements in the topless clubs, it's absolutely not professional dancing for family entertainment purposes.

February is Black History Month and the way they honor black people is by displaying these low lives on the Super Bowl World Stage. The NFL is mocking and disrespecting black people by displaying these low lives on Super Bowl Sunday.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar, he is 34 years old, Rapper Sean Forbes, he is 40 years old,  and a deaf writer, rapper, Warren Snipe "Wawa" he is 50-years old. They all played a part in this Super Bowl Halftime Fiasco.


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