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Who are these illegal immigrants protesting in the streets?

This is on the news every night, illegal immigrants protesting against our laws, like, who are these people?

When we were teens and protested in a crowd the patty wagons would come and take us all to the police station. Back then, we learned to respect our laws and our country.

Illegal immigrants don’t follow our laws ever, they can get everything they need on the black market, cheap. Immigration is big business in America, they have organizations that are in place to help illegal immigrants get everything they need to beat the government. They get two ID’s, one for welfare to live free, and one to work legally two names, two social security #’s, work visa’s, government jobs are embedded with work visa immigrants. They buy regular and commercial drivers license from corrupt agents at the DMV, the FBI knows about it for years, and they do nothing about the scam. Illegal immigrants have all the documentation they need, they pay low fee’s $25.00-$50.00, and they got themselves a license to kill innocent Americans.

When Illegal immigrants take a written test they bring a translator who knows the answers, no English required.

Who do you think drives your children to school everyday? It’s Illegal immigrants with fake drivers license. Illegal immigrants own the school bus industry, when one of them work for a company, the whole village works for the company. Especially the ones in Westchester County, New York. I’m talking about restaurants, bakerys, etc. Illegals get a job in the kitchen of a restaurant, they take the restaurant over, the cook, the waitress, the busboy, all are illegal immigrants. They don’t hire Americans. How does our government allow a company like this to get away with discriminating against hiring Americans?

How do these people “Illegal Immigrants” get to stay in our country and discriminate against us and hate us Americans deeply? The blacks do the same thing they mistreat white Americans in restaurants too. Even white people do the same thing, it’s serious what has happened to this country. The hatred among the people is beyond repair. The health department inspectors are aall immigrants, the new york state inspectors are all immigrants, what is going on here?

Illegal immigrants years ago use to keep their mouths shut and be respectful to Americans. Now, they break our laws by buying fake documentation on the black market, but even worse they don’t follow our laws.

When they drive, they don’t ever use a blinker on parkways and they drive at high speeds, in and out of cars causing deadly accidents. Our government does nothing about it!

Westchester County is a melting pot! New York City is a melting pot!

Americans can’t even go to a restaurant without being abused by the Democrats. If Democrats are the management, be attentive to the people that work there because they are going to abuse you especially if you are white.

What do you think communism is? It’s low wages, low quality, low service, and low class that’s what you get from Democrats, isn’t it? Democrats brought all these illegal immigrants into our country in the past 8-years so they can out-number us Americans. The Democrats did this, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton influenced this “One World Order” mentality to make America a communist country. They did a pretty good job at accomplishing it, didn’t they?

Now, President Trump and the rest of us Americans have our work cut out for us. We have to get these illegal immigrants and anchor babies out of America, and stop the hatred toward white America or we will end up like Syria and there will be no country left for any of us.

If, there are No laws, there will be no country left! Unless we act now. MAIL BOX

Who did you vote for?

When you ask a Westchester County Republican who are you voting for? They answer, I’m not, they fix all the elections and all these politicians are corrupt! It doesn’t matter who wins their all involved. New York Democrats won because Republicans are tired of all the political corruption. Democrats are disgusting people, anti-american, meanspirited, low class, perverted, most are atheist, uneducated, dysfunctional, angry and violent, said a close source. Democrats behavior is no different than violent Syrians in the streets doing wrongful acts, there is no country left they destroyed it.

West Point Grad is a Disgrace to the U.S. Military

Second Lt. Spenser Rapone comes out, he’s a communist! The DSA’S Veterans Working Group that supports him are communist too! We Americans will not stand for communist raking in our Military, it’s anti-American. It’s like sleeping with the enemy. Our government better crackdown on these spies fitting into our military, our police, our government, our courts, anywhere and everywhere, we need to clean house and get them out. Our government needs to punish them like we would any communist spy. Here’s an important “Question” how many of these communist are there in our government? How many? Read More Army officials condemn West Point grad for pro-Kaepernick tweets

Yonkers Police Officer Kayla Maher

Officer Kayla Maher was shot in the chin responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle in Yonkers, New York. Officer Kayla Maher and her partner were responding to calls about a suspicious vehicle at Marshall Road and Ridge Drive in Yonkers, New York, at 8pm on Monday, when 18-year-old Frank Valencia of New Rochelle reportedly opened fire at the cops. Kayla Maher, who’s been with the Yonkers police force for two years, was rushed to the hospital, Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, but she was released on Tuesday afternoon, September 26, 2017. Thank God, she is ok! Read More Yonkers Police Officer Kayla Maher

All Veterans are organizing this Boycott, we are Americans supporting our military with the highest honor and respect!

For those of you who were insulted by the NFL players actions in regards to the National Anthem; here is something you can do to voice your opinion.

It is totally contradictory to complain about the players kneeling, sitting or not being present for the National Anthem and continue to support the NFL.

After all, the fans do support the players salaries!

Veterans are asking for a National boycott of the NFL on Sunday November 12th, Veterans Day Weekend.

Boycott all NFL football telecasts, ticket holders should not attend any games; let the teams play in empty stadiums. Pass this post along to all your friends and family.

Honor our military, some of whom come home with the American Flag draped over their coffin. Continue with the weekly boycott of televised games.

If you can “share” on your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Website please do it, “copy and paste” and show respect for our military, and our veterans, our President Trump, and our fellow Americans.

Yonkers Police Officer Shot In The Face

Yonkers, New York

Yonkers officials said, Monday night September 25, 2017, that a female police officer was shot in the face, her name was not released yet. The shooting happened in the area of Park Hill Avenue and Rumsey Road between Marshall Road and Ridge Drive.

Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner said two officers responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle that contained two occupants around 8 p.m. As the officers approached, he said at least one of the male suspects took out a weapon and fired several shots, striking the female officer in the jaw.

The officers returned fire, Gardner said, and struck one of the suspects, who was taken to a hospital for surgery; the extent of his injuries were unknown. The other was taken into custody.

The injured officer, who was not identified but works out of the city’s Third Precinct, was taken to Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx in serious but stable condition. Yonkers Police Commissioner Gardner said a handgun was recovered from the scene. Police were not looking for any other suspects.

Here is a thought, was this call to the police a legit call about two suspects in a car, could this had been an ambush to set up police to get shot? Thank God the young police officer wasn’t killed! Yonkers Police have to be more careful it’s worse than ever on these Yonkers city streets. There are too many illegal immigrants living in Yonkers, it’s time to clean up the city and work with ICE to get rid of these criminals.

America First

Politics in this country should be about what is best for us Americans, and it starts with AMERICA FIRST, not what is best for causes, like abortions, gay rights, illegal immigrants, rights, etc. If you want to have an abortion and kill your baby, that’s your business, you pay for it, don’t expect my tax money to pay for you to kill your children. If you want to be gay, be gay, I don’t care who you have sex with, if you want to be a woman but you’re really a man, don’t get me involved, pay for it with your own money.

Read More America First

Yonkers Diners Are Out

Grassy Sprain Diner, 477 Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers, NY 10710

Listen to the bad reviews about this restaurant and you will save yourself a lot of trouble and disappointment.

This place is too political and the bad reviews about this diner and the bad reviews about the owners other place Perista Restaurant in the Bronx, says it all. This diner does not deserve the Best of Yonkers from the Chamber of Commerce! It’s just not true!

The Chamber of Commerce just gives them a sign to put outside their building and free press, but the truth is, they give that sign to every business, diner, etc. that joins their club. It says nothing it means nothing to the people of Yonkers. It’s misleading. What means something are all the Bad reviews these owners get about their restaurants. That tells the public the truth about a customers experience. Here is just one of many Bad Reviews! Grassy Sprain Diner, owner Tom Patilis has a lot of complaints. Read More Yonkers Diners Are Out

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.” — Les Brown

10 takeaways from the Westchester County Primary

When Westchester County residents go to the polls for change and the results are the same old politicians staying in office playing musical chairs! Something is wrong! The voting system is compromised and should be investigated! The Journal News

ESPN Jamele Hill espn

ESPN Black Host Jamele Hill “Sports Center” that airs at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time. She has every right to speak her personal truth about her feelings about anyone she has an opinion about, whether, the President of the United States or anyone else in that matter. This is America and Freedom of Speech is the law and one of our constitutional rights.

Yesterday, September 11, Hill went on a Twitter rant. She declared that “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.”

Hill added, “The height of white privilege is being able to ignore his white supremacy, because it’s of no threat to you. Well, it’s a threat to me.” Later, in seeming contradiction to this statement, she said: “Donald Trump is a bigot. Glad you could live with voting for him. I couldn’t, because I cared about more than just myself.”

On and on it went, without anything that might pass for genuine argument. Hill provided no evidence or analysis. This tweet was typical: “Trump is the most ignorant, offensive president of my lifetime. His rise is a direct result of white supremacy. Period.”

With that being said, ESPN Black Host Jamele Hill, you are such a poorly educated little black girl about white people. Whoever taught you that white people are white privilege lied to you.

White people struggle everyday unemployed, homeless, and poor. Yet, refused welfare because of the mentality of racist social workers with a mentality like yours with a personal hatred for white people.

White people are the people that are struggling in America today after 8-years of having a black middle eastern President Barack Obama, who flooded our country with illegal immigrants, muslims, terrorist, hatred, separation, and personal causes.

Listen up you’all. These are the facts and have been for years, Black girls banging out welfare babies to get more money from the welfare system. Now added to that, illegal immigrant girls as young as 12-years-old for a green card DACA deal banging out babies to get more money from the welfare system too.

Blacks have sucked our welfare system dry for generations. Now we have illegal immigrants doing the same. Meanwhile, white girls were having abortions in the millions because they couldn’t get the welfare check for their little white babies to be born because black racist social workers refused to help them nor would poor white girls want to live on welfare like poor black girls do. Do you see the differences in our races?

Jamele Hill, you should be more concerned about poor black teens killing each other on the streets of Chicago for years. That’s President Obama’s State, isn’t it? President Obama, looked the other way for 8-years while black teens were killing themselves on the streets of Chicago. Now, I don’t know about you, but, for me, that is unacceptable because to me, all lives matter. Don’t you think someone should be held accountable for what is happening in Chicago? Don’t you think you should use your airtime to stop the violence in Chicago?

I bet you, Jamele Hill, that you went to college for free not because you’re smarter than a white girl but because that’s your black privilege, affirmative action, black people get to drive a BMW and go food shopping using a SNAP Card all at the sametime, meanwhile, white people have to count their pennies for bread and butter and drive old cars, no snap card for white people, no free college for white people, they are still paying off their college loans. Do you see the differences in our races?

Poor white students didn’t get that black privilege to get a free ride through life like you. You have a job at ESPN, you should be thankful to the white people who gave you that job, and to the white viewers that tune in to ESPN and support that network.

You know what I think Jamele Hill, I think you’re a racist bigot, and you really should be thanking white people for giving you the opportnity to be on ESPN. If, you call President Donald Trump a white supremacist, than, you are calling all of us white Americans white supremacist because you have a problem with the color of our skin. Unfortunately, you were taught to hate white people, you were taught to be a racist.

Jamele Hill, when you look into the mirror in the morning, look deep into your eyes and you will see an empty lost soul, reach inside of you and pull out all that “black privilege”. You should be fired, if you were white you would have been fired, like so many whites have been fired in the past for a racist comment like yours. You didn’t get fired because that is your black privilege. There is no white privilege in America, that’s just your racist mentality talking out loud.

Remembering 911

September 11, 2017

America, we must never forget what Islamic terrorist did on this day September 11, 2001, they killed our country men and women. Our hearts stopped on this day ALL at the same time. We must stand strong together America, as one nation under one living God, and respect our constitution, our laws that protect us from allowing illegal immigration and terrorist entering our country. Let us stand strong as we stand in prayer as one nation under God, pray for protecion against this evil act against our country. America we must respect our country first, not our personal causes. God Bless America and the people who died to protect us. America first and America strong. Amen.

About The Christopher Columbus Statue

“Italian Pride and More”

If they take down Christopher Columbus statue than they better take down Martin Luther King Jr. statue outside of the Westchester County Court house at 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd White Plains, NY 10601. Remove his name MLK on the street signs too. And, remove Nelson Mandela Community High School name from the original Columbus School at 250 Gramatan Ave, Mt Vernon, NY 10550, said a close source. Nelson Mandela was a criminal, he was not a good man either.

Martin Luther King had a dream, but it was a bad dream, he created a hatred for white people, inside the hearts of blacks, like Westchester County Judge Sam Walker, he’s a former Mount Vernon black Judge, he rules his court room with political purpose and favor without any remorse of the damage he causes in peoples lives. Judge Walker uses lies as his defense and strikes “the truth” from the record when he uses Summary Judgement to deny justice to whom justice is due. He’s a racist and he’s corrupt and involved in a witch hunt and he will be exposed, it will be his shameful legacy.

Black activist Rev. Al Sharpton, he lives with white people, he is anything but religious, the black people know the truth about him, he became a Reverend so he doesn’t have to pay taxes, he was indicted for selling cocaine to an FBI agent, he became a “CI” Confidential informant, the FBI use him to keep the violent blacks in NYC at bay. He supports Black Lives Matter, a racist black group.

Rev. Jesse Jackson another no tax freeloader, and Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis, they’re all racist against white people. All these “African-American politicians” like Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison, both U.S. Representatives, just to name a few of these big mouth racist politicians.

They hate President Trump because he exposes all of them for what they are, big mouth freeloading racist! White people haters!!! They’re disgraceful, all they do is promote racism and hatred. We had to sit back and watch Barack Obama destroy our beautiful country for 8-years, flooding our shores with illegal immigrants, using our tax money to support the enemy over seas, and support Illegal immigrants and minorities as welfare recipients. Now these same people, want to tear down our beautiful statues, no, no no, the buck stops here, if they want a fight we’ll give them a fight of their lives, said a close source. The list goes on and on.

Dr. Ben Carlson, so loved by all Americans, a really intelligent person, a Blackman with class, he is a beautiful person because he is not a racist, he loves all people, and we love him back!!! There are many beautiful black men and women in America who are not racist, they’re just beautiful people. I have to acknowledge these beautiful people in this article.

Dean Ford, I personally knew Dean Ford, at Westchester Community College, another Blackman with class and intelligence, there was not a racist bone in his body, I loved sitting with him and talking with him because I knew he was a wonderful person, trust worthy and well loved by his students.

You see, racists think that nobody knows that they are racist, but, that is a deception they have inside their minds and cold hearts. White people do a lot of good things for poor black people, and they just don’t appreciate anything white people do for them. White people give to black people with their hearts on their sleave, but, blacks don’t care about their kindness. The sameway they don’t appreciate all that President Trump has done for Blacks in New York and beyond, over the years, beginning with donating thousands of dollars to Al Sharpton, and the Harlem community. It’s disgraceful. Their motto is, “Take what you can get from stupid white people and F–k the giver, said a close source. It’s just disgraceful.

Black Democrats better wake up because black politicians don’t give a crap about them, never did. Black officials live in white affluent neighborhoods. Black politicians don’t live in the Ghetto, keep that in mind when you go to the polls on Election Day!!! Black politicians like Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison, they take the money, they either shut up or they get really loud about something racist, like playing the race card. They get paid to perform an act for politics, government and the democratic party leaders.

The black preachers, pastors, reverends, in big and small black churches in NYC and beyond, many completely racist they hate white people, they preach hate, and have fifthly mouths too, they curse at the choir and then they go out there on a Sunday and talk like they are men of God! I’ll tell you what they are, they’re an abomination to Almighty God!!! God is not inside their hearts or churches, Jesus Christ’s presence is not in their churches because Jesus Christ is not in their hearts. They have no respect for the Word of God or understanding of what it means. The people in these black churches get all dressed up to show each other up, but, they lack the foundation of the church, the love of Jesus Christ! He wasn’t a black man, and they can’t accept that so they play around with twisting God’s Word to fit the color of their skin. They do not know Jesus Christ, nor does Jesus Christ know them. No one on this earth was treated as badly as Jesus Christ was treated, no one, not slaves, not jews, none of us.

Jesus Christ gave His life for all of us, that we all would know what unconditional love is, when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you know what unconditional love means, it lives in your hearts, it guides your thoughts and ways, it is always present.

When people are racist, blacks and white alike, they do not have Jesus Christ in their hearts. Their souls are dark and empty. The Word of God says, Love one another as I have loved you. He doesn’t say black people love black people or white people love white people, He says love one another as I have loved you. When the floods came in we learned how to love one another. We learned how precious every single life is on this earth when the storm comes. We embrace all people, all dogs, all cats, etc.

There are some meanspirited people that are just plain evil, violent, and wicked, and there is nothing we can do to change these people, nothing. They have evil demons inside that control them.

Illegal Immigrants have a hatred for White Americans too, I have seen it, and personally experienced it. New York Illegal Immigrants have no respect for the white American people. They are devious! Therefore, they should not be allowed to live in America. They should be sent back to their own country. When you eliminate yourselves from white America, you are racist!! Diversity does not eliminate white people, but, immigrants and minorities think it does. That has to change.

I had a black woman tell me, what you doing here in the pit at Bob’s discount furniture store, you white, you privileged what you doing here? That is how ignorant some black racist are, they think white people are rich and black people are poor. Black Racist are extremely disturbed and extremely misinformed about white people! Who is responsible for this black woman’s racist mentality? Who?

Vandals must be charged with destroying history art!!!

Vandals must be told that all statues are a protected work of art, Christopher Columbus statues represent the Italian culture from Italy. if anyone is seen touching those statues and they get caught, trust me, it won’t be a joke to the Italians who catch them.

The message to radical parents, please tell your radical teenagers to stay away from the Christopher Columbus Statue or any other statue. There is a well known saying, better safe than sorry, just hope you listen to it. Italians are not pushovers, like the pushover politician Bill de Blasio. Italians are finished with him.

“Italians are everywhere in this state,” said New York State Sen. Diane Savino. “That statue in Columbus Circle does not represent the explorer, it represents the experience of the Italian immigrant population.”

“Twenty-seven million Italian Americans-strong, to this day, we still hold him in a place of honor,” said Assemblyman Ron Castorina. “We will continue to do so and we will continue to fight to make sure that Columbus Circle remains Columbus Circle.”

Comedian Joe Piscopo also spoke at the event, saying “leave our statues alone.”

“The one iconic symbol for Italian-Americans was Christopher Columbus. He’s flawed, we’re all flawed hey, I’m flawed. Does that mean I’m not gonna get a rest stop named after me on the Jersey Turnpike?” he said. “Stop the political correctness. The political correctness is killing us.”

Mayor de Blasio could find the welcome mat pulled out from under him if he marches in the Columbus Day parade, Kramer reported. Italian Americans are furious with him for not exempting the statue of Christopher Columbus from his review of city statues and monuments. He was booed, and excoriated.

“Bill de Blasio, who has shamefully sidestepped this issue, the mayor of all people should be defending Columbus Circle, defending the contributions of the Italian American community,” Eric Ulrich (R-Queens) said.

The mayor was also reminded that there could be a political price for being so Politically Correct.

Joe Guagliardo, Chairman of Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations had a stern warning.

“I represent over 60 organizations, over a million members, and I can promise you this, at the parade this year we will remember who our friends are, and I promise you on Election Day we will remember who is attacking Italian Americans,” he said. CBS NEWS

The Italian word vendetta is used to mean a blood feud, but in reality it means (personal) “vengeance” or ” revenge”. When you destroy a statue that belongs to the Italians, Italians take that as an insult. They don’t care what your excuse is or why you did it, it doesn’t matter because you broke the golden rule, “respect” Respect is every thing to an old school Italian. Loyality and pride is about where you came from, where you grewup, and where your grandparents came from in Italy, it means everything to an Italian. Therefore, that Christopher Columbus Statue is the pride of Italians, it’s the pride of our culture, and the pride of our Italian Parade. Don’t destroy it, that would be an insult to the Italians because Italians cherish their history.

Italian Americans Rally To Keep Christopher Columbus Statue In Columbus Circle

“It’s Columbus today and who knows who will be on this secret list tomorrow,” Staten Island Councilmen Joe Borelli said Thursday. “This is an unfortunate chapter in New York City’s history.”

Borelli led the rally of elected officials and community groups, including the federation of Italian-American organizations.

A rally was held at City Hall Thursday in support of keeping the statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle.

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said the statue should be considered for removal as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s review of what he called “symbols of hate” on city property.

Bill de Blasio is a disgrace to Italians, if he even comes close to disrespecting the Italian culture more than he has already, he will find himself in a lot of trouble, he’ll get payback on Election Day. Italians will make sure Bill de Blasio will be out of New York City Hall on Election Day!

Can you imagine, if vandals destroyed the sculptors of Michelangelo. This is Italian history, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni was an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, and poet of the High Renaissance born in the Republic of Florence, who exerted an unparalleled influence on the development of Western art. Considered to be the greatest living artist during his lifetime, he has since been described as one of the greatest artists of all time. Despite making few forays beyond the arts, his versatility in the disciplines he took up was of such a high order that he is often considered a contender for the title of the archetypal Renaissance man, along with his rival and fellow Florentine Medici client, Leonardo da Vinci.

It’s best these vandals stop destroying history, it’s art, and it means something, it means it must be protected as art, and it is protected, Visual Artists Rights Acts

If the federal, state and local government doesn’t get together to stop all the violence in New York, California, and Chicago. Chicago is ‘Out of Control’ with Violence that has created 762 Homicides in 2016. This party is over.

It’s extremely important to protect our American constitution from being changed by Radical Democrats and the other radical Communist Parties involved in the “One World Order.” Our government will certainly fall if something isn’t done soon. America will never recover from all this radical violence. We will end up in ruin like Syria. Is this what you want? When a government allows terrorist groups to remain for a certain amount of time that’s how ISIS grew and became an international terrorist group.

If they take down the Christopher Columbus statue than they better take down Martin Luther King Jr. statue outside of the Westchester County Court house at 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd White Plains, NY 10601. The Westchester County Court House is beyond corrupt, the Judges and lawyers black and white alike they embed themselves within the walls of the court houses, laughing at the suffering of innocent people. They live in the wickedness of their deeds, they stand for injustice. Remove MLK’s name on the street signs. He left a legacy of hatred against white people. And, remove Nelson Mandela Community High School name from the original Columbus School at 250 Gramatan Ave, Mt Vernon, NY 10550. Nelson Mandela was a criminal, said a close source. The list goes on and on.

Houston floods Are An Act of God

How about acknowledging that God had something to do with it.

Jesus Christ controls the winds and the waves Read and Learn: Matthew 8:27

Houston floods, Louisiana floods, and the Haiti earthquake and many other catastrophic events around the world are all an act of Almighty God! These catastrophic events are coming to pass it’s prophecy written in the Holy Bible in the New Testament. Read Matthew 24 The Word of God It’s time to turn to Almighty God and get your hearts right with Him. Jesus Christ is the one and only living God, call upon Him and he will save you from evil. People who don’t believe in Jesus Christ, nor accept Him into their hearts as their Lord and Savior, they will parish without hope. When things like this happen, you must cry out for God’s mercy and forgiveness.

People that live in these catastrophic places, Houston floods, Louisiana floods, and Haiti, they all have something in common in these areas, they all practice Voodoo and Witchcraft, and for that reason they bring the Wrath of God upon themselves. God is angry, He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and He will destroy the evil people in this world if they do not turn from their evil ways. we must Read and learn: Signs of the Times Prophecy.

Christian Preachers should be preparing the people for endtimes and what will be, tell the people the truth, tell them God loves them, turn to God. The Christian Preacher Billy Graham, always told the people the truth, he prepared the people when he told them about God’s Word, God’s plan, God’s Ways. He is a great man of God!

These catastrophic places may never be rebuilt because of all the evil that exists there. I don’t know why people choose to be evil, I don’t understand their reason to practice Voodoo and Witchcraft or their disregard for Jesus Christ, and the Word of God. I do know that the causes and actions of Democrats are responsible for these catastrophic events. God is angry, he is turning the tables over because you disregard His Word, these are endtimes, this war is between Good and evil, and you choose to do evil, you choose to laugh at the almighty hand of God! Turn away from evil and give your heart to Jesus Christ, trust His Word, it is coming to pass, it’s the truth. Seek God. How about praying?

The Public Speaks to the New York Politicians

Tappan Zee Bridge should remain the Tappan Zee Bridge, if the New York Governor wants to dedicate the new bridge to his father Mario Cuomo, a former Governor, that is fine, but to change the name of the bridge is not sitting pretty with taxpayers. The public wants the New Tappan Zee Bridge to remain the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Rob Astorino should be writing an Executive Order to protect American Residents and Protect the Local Police Departments against dangerous illegal immigrants hiding out here from the MS-13 Gang. The executive order should be in favor of ICE officers coming to Westchester County and removing illegal immigrants from our communities and deporting them to protect American taxpayers. Immigrants should have to speak English, that should be an executive order, the only protection that should be written in his executive order should be to protect Americans against illegal immigrants and legal immigrants that have over stayed their VIsa. America First. That is a message that should be sent to the Immigrant Westchester County Community. America First!

The only protection act that should be implemented into law is America First, Immigrants who’s Visa ran out should leave, and illegal immigrants should not be here, period. These Westchester Legislators should stop protecting illegal immigrants and get out of public office. I wonder if some of these legislators are even legal immigrants themselves? They have so much interest in protecting illegal immigrants? Ice should investigate these Westchester County Legislators creating laws to protect illegal immigrants. Thank God for Rob Astorino, he will do the right thing for us Americans.

Westchester County, New York

Immigration Bill would protect illegal immigrants in Westchester County, New York.

If an illegal immigrant gets arrested and is put in jail, this IPA Immigration Act bill will protect Illegals from getting deported by ICE Officers, and it will also provide them with a free attorney to protect them.

The Westchester County Legislators sold out to Immigration Lobbyist and voted to pass an Immigration Protection Act Bill to protect Illegal Immigrants from getting deported.

Legislator James Maisano (Vice Chairman) VOTED YES to the Immigration Bill, no matter what he says he voted to make Westchester County a “Sanctuary County”! In spite of anything he says, he is wrong for voting in favor of this Bill.

The Legislator James Maisano represents New Rochelle and they already have too many immigrants flooding the area and pushing out White and Black Americans, and Pelham, Pelham Manor is an area that doesn’t have any immigrants. Yet he voted YES to the Immigration Protection Bill. How about protecting Americans, how about that Bill?

The Westchester County Democrats are out of control, they make no sense, voting for a Bill to protect illegal immigrants. Who the hell put these Legislators in office? Look at the crime rate on the streets in Yonkers, Mount Vernon, etc. it’s off the charts people are getting killed on the streets and that is before the bill, it will be far worse after a bill like this is passed. Illegal immigrants do not follow our laws, they buy all their fake documents on the black market, ID’s, licenses, they use one fake ID name for welfare and the other fake ID name for working, immigrant business owners don’t hire Americans, they hire illegals. This has got to stop, and stop now.

Thank God for the Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, he makes it official, says he’ll Veto the Immigration Protection Act. Hopefully the rest of the “Republicans” will do the same, and respect the American people, taxpayers, homeowners, landlords, residents and community. Americans deserve better.

Unfortunately, the IPA Immigration Protection Act establishes ” ill-advised” new policies regarding immigrants who are taken into custody for a non-immigration-related criminal charge or those housed in our County Jail. It effectively undermines and micromanages Law Enforcement and puts the safety of the general public at risk. Westchester County Jail, has 1,064 inmates at the lockup, and it has a capacity of 1,800, protecting illegal immigrants is not a good idea for Westchester County Taxpayers, and the Legislators should think about that, it’s not safe.

There is so much that Americans don’t know that is so unfair to them the taxpayer. Immigrants only have to claim half their income and pay half the taxes that Americans pay.

Immigrants send most of their money back to their country, and when they retire they go back to their country.

Immigrants most of their documents are fake, immigrant school bus drivers are driving with fake licenses. They are driving your children to school with a fake drivers license. The school bus companies only hire immigrants.

Immigrant business owners only hire immigrants. They don’t hire Americans.

American business owners, when they hire one illegal immigrant, they end up hiring the whole immigrant family to bake their goods. Some businesses have four or five illegal families working in their business. The problem with that is, immigrants are not treating Americans nicely anymore.

McDonald’s, has employees that won’t serve police, and mess up the orders of Americans, and they cause a lot of upset, and laugh about it. Immigrants are buying up all the McDonalds, and hiring illegals to work for them.

Let’s look at the big picture:

The Migration Policy Institute estimates that 61,000 people living in Westchester County are undocumented Illegal Immigrants. This is approximately 6% of the county’s total population of 1 million people.

This bill, IPA, if passed, it will make many more illegal immigrants flock to Westchester County. Yonkers has reached it’s capacity of illegal immigrants living in the 4th largest City in New York State. There are no more apartments, the rents are outrageous! It’s completely out of control, low income housing is another serious issue these people are living 20 adults in one bedroom sharing small spaces like animals, huddled together, it’s impossible to keep these places sanitary and safe from disease these conditions are not safe.

This IPA, Immigration Protection Act this bill is going to backfire in the faces of every Westchester County Legislator who voted to pass it.

These Board of Legislators want to interfere in hiding and protecting illegal immigrants from ICE deporting them. These are Law Makers trying to make laws to protect illegal immigrants. They are not fit to be lawmakers, they are not fit to hold a position as Legislator. This is conspiracy and corruption at it’s best. Here are the sponsors of this misleading IPA Immigration Protection Act!!!

The Legislators who voted yes on the Act:

Democrat Legislator Catherine Borgia Democrat Legislator Benjamin Boykin Democrat Legislator Ken Jenkins Democrat Legislator Michael Kaplowitz Democrat Legislator Catherine Parker Democrat Legislator Virginia Perez Democrat Legislator MaryJane Shimsky Democrat Legislator Alfreda Williams Democrat Legislator Lyndon Williams Republican Legislator Jim Maisano Republican Legislator David Gelfarb

The Legislators who voted no:

Republican Legislator Gordon Burrows Republican Legislator Francis Corcoran Republican Legislator Margaret Cunzio Republican Legislator Sheila Marcotte Republican Legislator John Testa Republican Legislator David Tubiolo

The result of the IPA legislator vote: [10 TO 5] ADOPTED

This is the Vote of the IPA Immigration Protection Act!!! Remember these Lawmakers Legislators AYES. They are lawbreakers, not lawmakers. They created a loophole in the law to flip our constitution in favor of illegals! Remember there names, write them down, and on Election Day protest their reelection and get them out of public office. Get the AYES and the ABSENT out of office, they are anti- American. BOO to them they are protecting illegals and creating lawlessness. These Legislators might have won the battle with this vote, but they certainly will not win the war. County Executive Rob Astorino will Veto it!!!

AYES: Catherine Borgia, Benjamin Boykin, David B. Gelfarb, Kenneth W. Jenkins, James Maisano, Catherine Parker, Virginia Perez, MaryJane Shimsky, Alfreda Williams, Michael Kaplowitz, Lyndon Williams. (Get these lawmakers out of office, vote them out).

ABSENT: Margaret A Cunzio, Lyndon Williams (It’s important to get a lawmaker out of office if they are a no show for an immportant vote). If these lawmakers continue to protect Illegal Immigrants it’s important to vote them out of office.

Below are the names of Legislators that upheld our American Constitutional laws, It’s important that we remember these lawmakers “Legislators” for doing the right thing. These Legislators below looked out for you. They looked out for the safety and future of the American people, American taxpayers, homeowners, law enforcement, ICE officers, they protected our American borders, they sustained our American society, and the future of Westchester County, New York. That’s how important their vote is to us Americans. Thank you.

NAYS: John G. Testa, Gordon A. Burrows, Francis Corcoran, Sheila Marcotte, David J. Tubiolo (It’s important to keep these lawmakers in office).

IPA Immigration Protection Act is all smoke and mirrors, the truth is the legislators who voted AYES are trying to make Westchester County, New York a Sanctuary County.

In the United States and Canada, a sanctuary city is a city that limits its cooperation with the national government effort to enforce immigration law.

Say NO to the IPA Immigration Protection Act!

This is our country, our America, we must instill our laws to protect the American people, not illegal immigrants.

To All those who voted against IPA, thank you, from Westchester County residents and taxpayers.

NPC mourns former Presidents Don Larrabee and Dave Hess

The National Press Club lost two Lions of the Club this week

The National Press Club lost two of its former presidents within a day: Donald R.Larrabee, president in 1973, died July 18 at the Sunrise on Connecticut home in Washington; and David Hess, president in 1985, died July 19 at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

Larrabee, 93, had become increasingly frail and suffered memory loss, according to his daughter, Donna Palmer. Hess’s death was reported by his nephew, Darren Burnham, who said that Hess, 83, was in rehabilitation for a recent fall when he was stricken. He had previously suffered several strokes. The National Press Club

Westchester legislators debate immigrant protection

Lawmakers don’t care that the public knows how corrupt they are, do they?

If these immigrants your protecting are legal, they wouldn’t have a problem with feeling safe, these people are illegals, omg, let me ask, are you lawmakers or criminals?

Rob Astorino better veto this bill, he owes it to every American who voted for him. ALL OF YOU… All of you legislators should resign, Westchester County taxpayers deserve better. You didn’t pass a bill to help American homeowners and taxpayers to keep their homes you didn’t protect Americans from all the Foreclosures in Westchester County, New York, but, now you’re helping illegal immigrants… your hands are grossly dirty and disgustingly greasy.

What is wrong with these people in public office, they are part of the problem, this is lawlessness, hello lawmakers, this is Westchester County, New York, these people are illegals, they are costing the taxpayers millions. They work off the books, they get welfare, and they send the cash they make back to their countries, are you people stupid or what? All these illegal immigrants should be deported, they should be deported. Westchester County legislators are discussing a bill aimed at protecting immigrants living in the county.

Lawmakers met today July 10, 2017 at the Westchester County office building in White Plains and focused their attention on the Immigration Protecting Act. The bill, introduced in February by the Westchester County Board’s Democratic Caucus, is designed to keep illegal immigrants safe and to keep county funds away from federal immigration authorities. Westchester County taxpayers have a problem with this bill because illegal immigrants cost them high taxes. Westchester County, is the highest taxed county in the United States.

Democrats need to go on a long vacation. Republicans better focus on the American values not illegal immigrant values. Immigrants are abusing Americans in restaurants where they work, even on the streets, etc. they have an alliance against Americans, and Westchester County lawmakers want to protect them. That’s disgusting, that’s it, disregard Americans.

This is going to backfire on all of you because the Federal Government knows Westchester County Board of Elections are fixing elections, every party is involved, none of you win honestly, taxpayers don’t vote for any of you, taxpayers are angry, said a close source.

If this bill is passed, it would prevent the county from using any of its resources to assist federal investigations based on race, gender or national origin. The bill also guarantees people being interviewed by a federal agent will have an opportunity to have legal counsel. Legal counsel? All of you are crazy, your not fit to be politicians or lawmakers, you’re confused.

Immigrant Supporters say the push to protect illegal immigrants is necessary following President Donald Trump’s executive orders targeting immigrants. Thank God, President Trump is a strong leader and he has an agenda, he is the President, and he will absolutely STOP Federal funding into New York State, Westchester County and so on. All of you Westchester Legislators are just plain stupid, you’re not fit to be in Public Office.

If the bill has bipartisan support you can bet every politician that votes in favor of passing the bill their names will be on the front page of The Westchester News, Online All The Time. Hopefully, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino will veto the bill.

Don’t forget their is a new lawmaker in America, America First, America first, if you fail the American people, you fail the future of your own American children. Immigrants that are business owners don’t hire Americans, they hire immigrants, legal or illegal, remember that. Remember the future of Westchester County is at stake here.

Did You Hear About BINGO?

New York State respectfully needs a new governor, a Republican Governor that can overturn all these regulations that Andrew Cuomo created, tax this, tax that, tax, tax, tax, when is enough, enough? We need good honest lawmakers and ones that can give us back our freedom to live, laugh and love again. Freedom to play Bingo with your grandchildren without the government getting involved with telling the public that children can’t play bingo anymore because it’s considered gambling. American people has become sheep being sent to the slaughter, omg, wake up New Yorkers, stop this political madness and take back your freedom. Bingo is a family game a social event parent do with their parents and grandparents, and the New York Gambling Commission and the New York Governor want to regulate it and make money off of it. This political greed is becoming a real problem. You know they are fixing these elections in New York State because Andrew Cuomo would have been out of public office a longtime ago.

Since Andrew Cuomo is the New York State Governor, he closed down all the Bingo Halls in Westchester County, New York and legalized gambling casino’s.

btw, I don’t think rich kids like him ever went to a Bingo Hall with his grandmother, so he doesn’t understand the importance of that bonding.

Remember this BINGO issue… when Andrew Cuomo is running for office, oppose him on twitter and Facebook, tell everyone how you feel about him, go public against him. Hold your banners high that say BOO boo BOO.

Andrew Cuomo is greedy and an extremely corrupt politician because the more regulations he makes the more taxpayers have to pay more cash out of their pockets. The more regulations the less freedom Americans have to enjoy anything.

Bingo is a perfect example. You can’t lose your life savings at a Bingo Hall, but, you can lose it at a Casino that is a partner with New York State. Empire City Casino people have lost so much in that casino, it’s sad how they lie to the public, it’s sad how bad they rip the people off.

Now, it will cost you $200 to play Bingo, instead of $20. If, your lucky to have a Bingo Hall near you, but, they want you to go to the casino to gamble, not Bingo. Where is all that extra cash going? That’s right, in Andrew Cuomo’s pocket and lawmakers pockets. Come on, politicians don’t work for nothing, that of course for one, President Donald J. Trump!!!

Democrats, they’re there own worse enemy. Do something good for a change, vote Republican, you’ll be much better off because Republicans have much better morals, family structure and American VALUES, not all of them, but most. Republicans are true Americans and they believe in American Values.

Andrew Cuomo is a Democrat and he has no moral values like true Americans live and thrive for in their personal lives that follow into the future of their grandchildren.

Andrew Cumo said, Bingo is a form of gambling….LOL Bingo is a game and it’s an affordable fun game, but, not anymore, thanks to you Andrew Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo is a dictator, did you hear about the “switch the light tax” he’s proposing to raise your Con Edison electric bill… lol. omg…get this mad man out of public office asap. BINGO!

New York State Government is out of control, the potholes are a sign how corrupt local government is, there is absolutely no government accountability in New York State, it’s just one huge cesspool full of political corruption. Now they’re going after Grandma….sad.

Yonkers Insider Editorial

The Yonkers Insider

by Delfim Huesler

Democratic Party Establishment vs The London Reyes Movement

As petitions seasons starts, one thing has become crystal clear to this writer and that is that the Democratic Party Establishment is doing everything in it’s power to try and stop the London Reyes Movement.

The whole machine is fired up with the goal of stopping London Reyes and his movement from making the ballot.

Let’s not forget County Legislator Virginia Perez is supported by both political parties and machines of both parties.

We have faith in the London Reyes Movement to get on the ballot and give the voters of the 17th County Legislative District an actual choice.

I am proud to be a supporter of London Reyes and his team as they embark on attempting to get on the Democratic Party ballot and force a Democratic Party Primary versus Demopublican Westchester County Legislator Virginia Perez.

Just look at County Legislator Virginia Perez’s voting record, she voted for every single county budgets that her master County Exec Rob Astorino has proposed.

Tea Party Republicans would be proud of those mean spirited budget proposed by County Exec Rob Astorino and passed by his rubberstamped county board with his two Demopublicans County Board Chair Michael Kaplowitz and Virginia Perez.

Those budgets hurt Southwest Yonkers and it’s residents in a major way and Virginia Perez has also been a willing partner in working with County Exec Astorino’s war on women in our County of Westchester.

The question should be this year who does County Legislator Perez serve is it her constituents or her master County Exec Rob Astorino? What does the Yonkers Democratic Party stand for now that they stand behind County Legislator Virginia Perez when she votes and works with Republicans?

The Democratic Party Establishment must truly understand what they are attempting to do and that is elect a County Exec Rob Astorino Lapdog in Westchester County Legislator Virginia Perez.

In my view, Perez is a DINO – Democrat In Name Only. County Legislator Perez is a follower and not a leader.

In contrast, her opponent London Reyes is a real leader who will fight for South Yonkers every minute of every day and will always speak his mind whether popular or unpopular, he is honest and has a good heart and cares about people and wants to empower youth and his community.

London Reyes’s record of community service has been a strong one, he has been doing it for over 15 years, always seeking to empower the people, youth and his community. His non profit – AAA All stars has really been a major help to our youth in our City of Yonkers.

I stand 1000% behind the London Reyes Movement in this year’s election.

The Democratic Party Establishment will see that they have been played and fooled by Westchester County Legislator Virginia Perez, for she is no Democrat.

She is County Exec Rob Astorino’s lapdog pure and simple. London Reyes is endorsed by the Independence and Working Families Parties. We will continue to report on the 17th County Legislative District race.

Alex Jones Interview With Megan Kelly NBC

Here is the way we see the reality of this tragedy, fingers are pointing in the wrong direction.

Alex Jones is an excellent American, his analogy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School, is that it has become a HOAX it became too Democratic and Political, against legal gun carriers.

The real disconnect is this, the focus should be on “Mental Illness” I’ll say it again, MENTAL ILLNESS and the drugs prescribed for depression SHOULD BE OUTLAWED, The serious side effects cause suicidal thoughts, however, prescription drugs are a billion dollar business. Democrats won’t focus on that or they would loose their sponsorship. Doctors are prescribing these suicidal drugs everyday and they are targeting the young, middle aged, and the old. This is where Sandy Hook Elementary School parents should be pointing the blame because it was not the gun that is responsible for the deaths of all the children that lost there lives, it’s the treatments they use to treat mental illness. it’s the responsibility of the medical field who prescribes a pill that alters the mind and then sends the mentality ill onto the public streets to kill innocent people.

A mentally disturbed person killed those children, and calling it anything but that or blaming legal gun holders, is not a reality, therefore, it’s a Hoax because it’s become a Democratic Platform.

The blame is not real, it’s not a reality, your pointing your fingers in the wrong direction. You see…

Thousands of illegal guns are bought on the streets everyday, therefore, it’s more important to crack down on illegal criminals, illegal guns, that come into America from Mexico everyday, criminals are crossing our borders illegally everyday, it’s important to focus on building the wall, that will benefit all of us.

Megan Kelly and Alex Jones interview should remain intact, you bet, I will be watching with millions of other viewers.

Happy Birthday to President Donald J. Trump, you are working hard everyday to protect all of us here in America and abroad.

LI Lawyer Discovers Photos Of Grandfather Celebrating Passover Seder On The Front Lines Of WWII

A Long Island man has uncovered historic family photos showing Jewish-American soldiers observing Passover on the front lines of combat during World War II. Great Neck attorney Michael Weinstock recently discovered the negatives for dozens of wartime photos, tucked away inside his father’s Albany home for decades, and quickly had them developed. Most of the phoyos were taken by the Nassau County lawyer’s grandfather, a combay photographer for the US Army. WORLD WAR II PHOTOS

“Our Veterans Are Important To Us Americans. Veterans, Thank You.”

Thank you to my father Frank D’Amico Sr. for his service to our country, he received two Purple Hearts and Medals from the Army in World War II, he is buried with my mother in Calventon Cemetery on Long Island, New York, It is a beautiful place, extremely surreal and humbling. – Barbara Ricci

SADDEST story ever told in Hollywood!

Sylvester Stallone

WOW, I felt like Nunzio Presta, was talking about my life, my dream, it’s so surreal, when he was talking about Sylvester Stallone’s life before he became rich and famous. In the words of Rocky, “it’s not how hard you get hit, it’s how hard you get hit and keep moving forward.” Those words are what drives me. I am giving my all this year to finishing my book, I’m Still Standing, The Barbara Ricci Story. Amen-So Be It.

Sometimes it takes, one word, just one sentence to get you off the curb to continue on your amazing journey. You can’t succeed, unless you fall a million times and keep getting up, you can’t call yourself a survivor unless you experience sadness deep inside your soul. Sylvester Stallone’s Life Story is a sad story with a happy ending. Rocky, found the answer, get up and keep moving forward!!! LINKEDIN Sylvester Stallone’s Story BY NUNZIO PRESTA

Recruiters Work Off Commission

The unemployed surf’s the internet looking for jobs, fill out applications on job websites and makes their resumes public. They think employees will find them, but, instead, what finds them are recruiters who find them and call them on the phone, email, and meet with them at a location, like a coffee shop, etc. Recruiters are offering people jobs that they have no authority over the hiring, and the applicant most likely not get a job going through this method. Recruiters are people hoping that they can meet with the applicant for a certain job and hope they can present that person to a company and the company will hire them. These people are called recruiters, they work off commission, therefore, they are actually unemployed themselves. They can’t find a job for themselves, yet they make you think that they are an executive sitting in a corner office in a company. Recruiters are a dine a dozen, they are all over the internet, they’re on LINKEDIN, JOB SITES, etc. I am sure a lot of people are frustrated with Recruiters that is why I want to share this with my readers. She called me a troll for confronting her on the subject, lol.

You can find these Recruiters on LINKEDIN, I recently came across one there, she sent out an email blast with a message she posted publicly on LINKEDIN! Her name is Lauren McDonald, she’s a Recruiter, here is what she wrote:

Please read this – If you’re frustrated with a recruiter or a recruiting firm please DO NOT include my name in your public or private post. This has nothing to do with me. Do not tag me in posts that involve any complaining of about a company. I do not do that to anyone, or any company, and I don’t want to be included in anyone’s issues with a staffing firm, company or argument. Thank you for your attention – this is very serious and I’m tired of people doing it. Thank you. Lauren McDonald, Recruiter

Recruiters are not Human Resources, Agents or Managers, they mislead the public to believe they have the power to give them a job, and they can’t. Recruiters are like a door to door salesman working off commission.

Who’s He Think He Is, The Mayor?

The secret world of Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas’ fundraising

Politician’s don’t fool anyone but themselves. The truth is Mayor Richard Thomas was the better of both evils at the time he was elected! The Board of Elections “Political Democrats” chose him, not the citizens of Mount Vernon, New York. He should know that it’s not the taxpayers responsibilty to pay for public events in the city. He should take the money out of his own pocket to pay for his summer events!!! Read about “The secret world of Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas’ fundraising” READ MORE LOHUD

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