The Nixzmary Brown

The Nixzmary Brown Soldiers Propose A Bill Entitled “Nixzmary 

Brown Law Nationwide” And Rally Together On April 3rd to Raise Awareness of Our Nations Most Heinous Crimes Against Children! 

New York, New York, February 21, 2011, The Nixzmary Brown Soldiers/Soldiers Against Child Abuse will courageously come together on April 3rd---during child abuse awareness month, at the sixth Nixzmary Brown Child Abuse Awareness rally, hosted by Rose Morrisroe, founder of the organization.  Our mission is to raise national awareness, propose mandatory Child Abuse Awareness classes--- beginning at the elementary school level, to ensure that no child ever suffer like Nizxmary Brown, Kyle Smith, Elisa Izquierdo, Lisa Steinberg, and all of the other innocent children who have past away brutally and viciously at the hands of the people they were suppose to trust. The Nixzmary Brown Soldiers have a proposed bill titled“ The Nixzmary Brown Law Nationwide” that will not only sentence child murderers to life in prison, but to anyone who physically abuses and sexually assaults a child as well. 


Performing in honor of the innocent children no longer with us, and those who desperately need our help, winner of the Cecilia Cruz Award for best Vocalist and Up and Coming Pop sensation  Veronica Kole, 2010 Americas Got Talent Semi Finalist  Nina Sophia Mojares, Latin Pop Diva Brenda K. Starr, The Garden State Roller Derby Girls and many more. Family members of the many child abuse victims will also be in attendance, and will share their stories in hopes of encouraging others that if they witness signs of child abuse, to please say something and dial 311 or 911. It will save a child’s life!


“Our main objective is to have the voices of our most innocent citizens heard, our children!” says Rose Morrisroe, the passionate founder of the Nixzmary Brown Soldiers. “Right now we are working around the clock to ensure that child abusers will receive the maximum penalty of the law!”  Please join us Sunday, April 3, 2011 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Bowling Green Park, in the Subway Plaza- Cobblestone Section at Broadway and Whitehall Street, Lower Manhattan, NY.  Together not only will we make a difference…we will save precious lives! 


The Nixzmary Brown Soldiers 

Nixzmary Brown Soldiers/Soldiers Against Child Abuse, are a group of concerned citizens who are legislating for stricter laws against child abusers, molesters, and child killers. They have a proposed bill 

entitled "The Nixzmary Brown Bill/Law Nationwide." They organize events to collect signatures to help this bill pass, educate people, and raise awareness. For more information and to volunteer your services to the Nixzmary Brown Soldiers please contact the brave and passionate founder Rose Morrisroe.


Please visit 


The Nixzmary Brown Law 

The Nixzmary Law is a New York State Law that was named after Nixzmary Brown, a precious seven year old girl from Brooklyn New York, who was tortured, starved and raped daily by her step father, while her mother turned a blind eye. She was eventually beaten to death. Her mother and stepfather continue to serve time in prison. Currently this law states that anyone who tortures a child in a wanton matter and causes the death of that child, will serve life in prison. The Nixzmary Brown Soldiers have a proposed bill titled “The Nixzmary Brown Law” which they are currently promoting nationwide, in hopes that each state in the union will adopt our law with the amendment.


The amended law will include life sentences to those who are also found guilty of physical and or sexual abuse-molestation and or rape and or torture that do not result in the murder of a child. 


All press inquires and talent and celebrity participation information, please refer to the website for contact information or email or call         818-403-5224. 

Innocent until proven guilty, they did not prove her guilty.  “Casey Anthony is not guilty, the prosecution did not have the evidence to convict her, it was a lot of hear say, she’s not guilty period of murdering her baby,  said a source.” We’d like to hear your opinion Comment

Casey Anthony has been released from jail. She was sentenced to 4 years for four counts of lying to investigators, all misdemeanor charges.  She has been in jail for almost three years and she is being given time off for good behavior.  The 25-year-old Orlando woman avoided the most serious charges when a jury acquitted her on Tuesday on charges of first degree murder, and she was also acquitted of child abuse and manslaughter in the 2008 death of her daughter Caylee.  Casey Anthony trial saga may not be over as we originally thought, her life has been threatened! Read More

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Prominent Lawyer Kills His Wife and Children, then Himself.

Samuel Friedlander, by all appearances he was a successful attorney who was facing a bitter divorce from his wife Amy, and finances were the reason his world fell apart.  Amy Friedlander continuously verbally abused her husband Samuel, day after day, and their relationship grew distant, he couldn’t comprehend that his marriage to Amy was over.  The reality is his perfect life was over indefinitely,  a close source said, Mr. Friedlander couldn’t get a grip on reality.

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