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Teamsters Big Sydney Goldstein

in the Flesh

Get to Know the Delegation at Teamsters Local 456

Sydney Goldstein Teamsters Local 456 2012
How Well Do You Know Sydney Goldstein at Local 456?

The Background Check for Teamsters Local 456 Delegate Sydney Goldstein, he’s the Vice President of Teamsters Local 456 in Elmsford NY.


Teamsters Local 456 had a slogan sticker, “Proud To Be A Teamster”  and union men use to be proud to ride around with that sticker on their personal car bumpers, but those days are gone, the new slogan is this, sound the trumpets “Teamsters! Fuck Up and Move Up” that’s Eddie Doyle’s policy for the thugs and convicted felons who hide behind an acting union book!


Sydney “Big Syd” or sometimes spelled “Big Sid” Goldstein, he is the Vice President of the Teamsters Local 456, but way before he became a delegate he was a jack of all trades, a transit cop in NYC who got fired for beating people up who fell asleep on the trains, then, he was a laborer, and he started washing delegates cars at Local 456. 


Then, Joe Ragusa Jr. got Big Syd, into the union, his father was Joe Ragusa Sr. a delegate and Big Syd became a truck driver with a Class A License, but he had a big problem he fell asleep behind the wheel when he was driving. Some people say, he had Sleep Athena, but, others say he was out all night partying, drinking and snorting cocaine. Well, anyway, he drove a tractor trailer for Mat Enterprises Of NY, 139 Route 9w Haverstraw, NY 10927 Phone: 845-429-0639.  


Big Syd crashed one of MAT Enterprises tractor trailers into a conveyor belt, he destroyed the truck at Con Ag, and Safeway Towing had the truck towed.


Big Sydney Goldstein, fell a sleep behind the wheel of a tractor trailer and till this day has not been tested for drugs and alcohol. He never took a drug test ever.  


Before Sydney Goldstein became a truck driver, he was a transit police officer in New York City.  He lost his job as a transit cop for abusive behavior, drug use, and he had an anger management problem, and an uncontrollable temper.  


The most interesting thing about Syd Goldstein, is once upon a time he was a devout father to his son named Jazz Jasper, and then something went terribly wrong when the boy became a grown teenager.  Syd Goldstein, started calling his son on the phone in the middle of the night, saying, in a slurred voice, “Son, getup and pick me up!” Jazz began doing this for his father every night of the week.  He’d pick his father up at, Jake’s Steakhouse on Broadway in Riverdale in the Bronx or Giulio's Italian Restaurant on Park Hill in Yonkers because Big Syd was too wasted to drive. 


Eventually the boy’s mother Camile and Sydney Goldstein, got a divorce because she couldn’t take his late nights and drug addictions, and mood swings.  Syd, had a serious temper and uncontrollable anger problem. His wife at the time Camile was literally afraid of him, he was a big man and when he was drugged up and drunk, you could not reason with him. He was threatening and terrifying.

Sydney Goldstein in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest!

When Camile Goldstein divorced her ex-husband Sydney, that was the worse thing that could happen to him because she was the love of his life, and it made him completely fall off the deep end.  


Eventually, his ex-wife Camille remarried a close friend of Syd’s and she tried her best to get away from Big Syd and move on with her life. She was tired of feeling threatened by his violent outbursts and threats when he was high on his drug and drinking binges.  


Jazz was being exposed to drugs on a daily basis because of his father’s addiction and it began taking a toll on him as he watched his father, day after day, being wasted all the time, drinking, smoking pot, and snorting cocaine.  


Syd, was alway’s trying to make moves on Jazz’s young girlfriends, and sometimes he would get out of control and disgusting.  Syd, would even smell “seat area” of he chair when one of Jazz’s girl-friends would get up from the chair. Big Syd, would pervertedly smell the chair, he was disgusting! 


One of those young girls he did this to was Jayna Montero a beautiful young model, but, she never knew it. Jayna Montero was Moe Bubbico’s niece, and she was also the step daughter to a violent sex offender “Neil” Cornelius Duggan, both men are Teamsters at Local 456. 


When she was a teenager Sydney Goldstein use to smell the chair pervertedly when she got up from it.  Just think about this for a few minutes! 


Jayna Montero, was recently found dead in her car in Yonkers on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, she was only 28-years-old when she died. That’s enough for concern and to ask the question, why?


Jayna Montero’s Obituary


(Her biological father is a retired Yonkers Police Officer, Ray Montero)

Jayna Montero was one of Jazz Jasper’s friends, and she is sadly missed by many, she died too young.

Jazz Jasper, Syd Goldstein’s son became a Teamster in January 2001     

Jazz Jasper, remained close in a relationship with his father Syd, after the divorce from his mom because that was his dad.  


Jazz became a yardman/truck driver and a member of Teamsters Local 456.  It was all he knew! Jazz, didn’t want to look at his father as a drug addict and to spite all of his father’s downfalls and drug problems, and dysfunctional ways, Jazz, in someway, hoped his father would change for the better, and he was dedicated to making his father proud of him.  He hoped that one day things would be different and he would do anything he could to make their relationship better.  He loved his father more than he’ll ever know.  


After years of being a Teamster, Jazz, was asked to be a young-spokesman at the Elmsford High School for “Career Day” to represent the Teamsters Union Local 456 and he went to the school and talked with all the students about the challenges of being a Teamster. Jazz spoke at career day for the union at the Peekskill Armory and Rockland Community College. Jazz Jasper,  was always respectful and polite, said a close source.


Jazz was dedicated to being a positive figure in society and he began trying to separate himself from his father’s devious ways, but, Syd would not allow his son to become his own man, and he was controlling every aspect of his life.


Things seemed to be going well for Jazz, but that was until, his father Sydney Goldstein, decided to buy a house in East Yonkers. 


That’s the first time, Syd turned on his son Jazz, he was moving into his Yonkers home, and he demanded his son come to live with him, but, Jazz didn’t want to live with him, he wanted to be on his own.


Here’s a question: 

How do you know a man?  You know a man by his friends! 


Sydney Goldstein lived at 6 Frazier Place, Yonkers, NY 10704, in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house, he shared with his friend “Neil” Cornelius Duggan, 6’1, weighting 250 pounds, and he’s a convicted violent sex offender.  You can find him on the Westchester County Sex Offender List.


“Neil” Cornelius Duggan also worked at Eastern Concrete Materials, 1 Edison Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10550, where Syd’s son Jazz worked at the time. 


“Neil” Cornelius Duggan was removed from being a “Shop Steward” at Eastern Concrete for throwing a chair at the “Forman” and threatening another teamster on the job.  Tom Schatz, a retired NYPD, is an investigator for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in Washington DC, he said, he removed the convicted felon “Neil” Cornelius Duggan from that position, he better not be working as a shop steward.  He also said, a convicted felon cannot be a shop steward for the teamsters, but, he can work for lumber yards and construction yards and construction job sites, and carting and garbage companies but he cannot be a shop steward!  


“Neil” Cornelius Duggan He does not work there anymore, but, it’s still listed as his primary place of employment on the Westchester County Sex Offender List.

1 Edison Avenue

“Neil” Cornelius Duggan

Big Syd Goldstein

1 Frazier Place

The Violent Sex Offender “Neil” Cornelius Duggan, lived with his close friend Sydney Goldstein at his home address on 6 Frazier Place, but, Syd, sold his house at 6 Frazier Place in Yonkers on September 23, 2010.  “Neil” Cornelius Duggan, then, moved into 1 Frazier Place, and still lives there, but, he does not work at 1 Edison Avenue in Mount Vernon anymore, but, he is still listed on the Westchester County Sex Offender List that he still works there, but, that is simply not true.


“Neil” Cornelius Duggan, might be working in your neighborhood in Bedford, New York, but, one thing is for sure, Parents Beware! The Westchester County Sex Offender List is absolutely not accurate, as to, where Duggan works. 

The Entire Sex Offender List in Westchester County!  The list is not accurate!