1.           United States                 Government                                    Has Gone Rancid

The White House has gone bitter dark, nothing is American, nothing matters.  The sound of clinging chimes we hear from a distance is like that old thriller, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle with Chimes whispering in the wind, while listening to the whimpers of the suffering children do you hear the whistle in the wind? They're crying out! 


Here's a question: What are they crying out for? You finish the sentence. 


The Pursuit of Happyness is a true story about Chris Gardner's struggles, the bank froze his bank account and he ended up homeless with his little boy, Christopher Jr., but, Chris Gardner's life got better because he didn't allow people to tell him he can't do it. He didn't let people dictate who he is, he didn't let people see his pain, he had a beautiful smile that covered up the pain. He made it!

You will be Motivated and Inspired by this compelling "true story" PURSUIT Of HAPPYNESS Watch Now


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