It's not easy being in your 70's trying to be 30 again Judge Jeanine the corrupt former Westchester County District Attorney is on FOX Network CH 26 at 5pm"THE FIVE" she wears a translucent neck lift a piece of plastic around her neck to pull her neck skin back! She's  getting old and she just can't handle it! When she takes the wig off, false eye lashes, fake teeth, and her plastic facelift comes off WOW that's a real VAIN whodawhata
and a half! Yep that's HER the real deal the real old lady Jeanine Pirro.

Who is the real Jeanine Pirro?

Do you think you know Jeanine Pirro? Think again!

FOX 5- CH 26 - 5 PM

The Five

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This is Barbara Ricci's First News Video 2006! This Video was on Google Video's from 2006 got thousands of views, and recently this video was transferred to You-Tube.

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A Politically Corrupt Politician is a Giant Monster

AS IN Judge Jeanine Pirro aka. Jeanine Ferris

"She's a dirty corrupt politician from Westchester County."

The most corrupt Arab woman in New York State! Yet, FOX News Network allows her to mislead the public on FOX Channel 26 everyday on "The Five" at 5pm. And, she had “Judge Jeanine” at 9pm on Saturday! She’s sickening! She covers up the truth for her friends and her crony political ties.


Jeanine Pirro has a notorious merciless corrupt past in Westchester County, New York. 


Judge Jeanine has absolutely no talent, just a big horse mouth, she's 70-years-old born June 2, 1951.


FOX Colleagues call her Judge Jeanine but the truth is she was the Westchester County District Attorney a lot longer than she was a Judge! She was a judge for only two years!  When she was sworn in on January 1, 1991, Pirro became Westchester County's first female judge. Judge Jeanine has no experience being a judge, but, she has tons of experience being the most corrupt Westchester County District Attorney for eleven-years (11-years) from January 1, 1994 December 31, 2005.


How do I know her deep dark secrets, she put false charges on me and she knew I was innocent, she tried to discredit my good character, she didn't succeed, and she also put false charges on many other Westchester County residents. I remember when she had her first book signing many of her victims lined up outside a Barnes and Noble Bookstore on Central Avenue in Yonkers, New York.  They held up signs protesting how corrupt she is, as they held up signs and pictures of all their bruises from the Police Brutality they had to endured. She had no mercy for anyone. When viewers watch her on TV, she tries to act like she's a sweet woman, she's not, she's a heartless, merciless human being. 

She tried to be a Judge on TV like Judge Judy but that was just another disaster. She has no experience being a judge. Every TV show she does is canceled and FOX EXECUTIVES keep moving her around from show to show.  FOX pays Jeanine Pirro $250,000 a week, $3 million dollars a year. Jeanine Pirro did a lot of underhanded political favors for her friends at FOX Network and her personal friends as in, Sean Hannity, Geraldo Rivera, and former CEO of FOX Roger Ailes, he died May 2018. 

Jeanine Pirro has been hanging around FOX NETWORK in New York City since she was the Westchester County District Attorney. She had all the Newspapers and TV Networks eating out of her hand. The District Attorney Jeanine Pirro used the news media to help her to discredit the good character of innocent people that she was prosecuting. She did everything in her political power to try and discredit me, but, she did not succeed. My good character remains. I am an innocent person and nothing will ever change that fact, and she knows that. You can not imagine what her and her political ties did to me and my family, no worries, God is with me, I am still standing by the Grace of God go I.  I also believe, revenge belongs to God, not me.  


Judge Jeanine is an extremely dark human being! After, she put her sights on me and put false charges on me without any evidence, not one piece of evidence. Complete bogus charges, she is evil.  I experienced her first hand, a corrupt District Attorney and her lying tactics to poison the jurors minds, and her fake witnesses she promised to give them jobs, but, all her tactics didn’t work! I was acquitted in 23 minutes because I was innocent and the jury knew it! Jeanine Pirro prosecuted me without evidence. The jury was able to see my innocence. 

Jeanine Pirro’s world fell apart after she did that to me, her marriage fell apart, her political career fell apart, her husband Al Pirro was all over the front-page of the newspapers, he chewed on her and had a baby with another woman, then, he was indicted and convicted in 23 minutes. It's true, what you sow is what you reap, it's the Word of God! Amen.


I was acquitted in 23 minutes because I was innocent and with that acquittal, I have spent my life dedicated to exposing political corruption and exposing the corruption of Jeanine Pirro. Exposing her and her cronies has been my mission, my priority everyday for the last 30-years.

I was acquitted in 23 minutes, but, going through that ordeal affected me terribly that I dedicated my life to exposing corruption. I ended up with a life sentence exposing corruption because I couldn't accept what they did to me. I am an innocent woman!


Jeanine Pirro tried to discredit my character but she couldn't do it! I am consistent in character and consistent in who I am and I’m well-known in my community. I've been through a lot, her and her corrupt political ties and her crony New York Politicians have done a lot of horrible things to me but I'm Still Standing by the Grace of Almighty God!

On the other hand, Jeanine Pirro is a low life drunk the martini queen!  You can watch Jeanine Pirro any day of the week on TV, and most of the time you can easily see she's drunk.

Jeanine Pirro calls everyone corrupt, but she is the most corrupt politician in New York State. She made her debut on FOX NETWORK when she put false charges on me when she was the Westchester County District Attorney. She prosecuted me with false allegations with absolutely no evidence, not one piece. She did it to coverup police brutality and corruption in the City of Mount Vernon, New York. The blue wall of silence is a crime against innocent citizens, here is a fact, there is a thin line between a cop and a criminal. 


When I watch her on FOX NETWORK I can only see the ugly in her and think about how she made her debut and launched her career on FOX NETWORK using me as a pawn in a “high profile case” Mrs. Westchester County Civic Minded in New York State, she prosecuted me and went on TV talk shows bad mouthing me. Jeanine Pirro is nothing but a lie! 

She tried me twice in court and she lost! She used her corrupt political position to put false charges me. The first trial, I didn't realize that when your innocent you should not take the stand! I wanted to take the stand to tell the jury my side, but, I didn't realize that the corrupt District Attorney would use a lying tactic to pollute the jury's minds against me! It ended in a hung jury, and, Jeanine Pirro, decided to try me again, and in the second trial, she split the charges hoping she would get me on one or the other charge.


I was facing jail time for something that never happened! She asked people to testify against me and tell lies about me. She promised them jobs in law enforcement that they never got! 

The second trial, I listened to my attorney, and he told me don't take the stand this time because you are innocent and the District Attorney has no evidence against you. The evidence has to convict! Thank God, I listened to my attorney, I was acquitted in 23 minutes by a jury.

Jeanine Pirro is nothing but a lie she did this to me for a political favor, I was innocent, I was a cancer survivor a young mother and wife. I survived by the Grace of God because God is with me. I will get into the details in my book, I'm Still Standing, The Barbara Ricci Story!  

Justice with Jeanine Pirro is Corrupt Justice. Every word out of her mouth is a lie,  a completely self righteous. 

New York Politic's is beyond corrupt, it's been criminal for years. If you think you know Jeanine Pirro, think again.


Watch her biggest fan Tucker Carlson, he’s a huge disappointment to his viewers and puts on a show, he’s all an act on Fox Network Ch. 26 Week Nights - 8 PM.

How do you put your trust in a network that sells books they personally didn't write and reports one sided stories and calls corrupt influences hero’s? Marketing is all an illusion and so are these fast talking characters on most TV stations including FOX! Ask yourself, do you really think all these people have time to write the books they promote and sell?


I'm a writer and when I write my number 1 rule is absolutely "no distractions" because it’s the most important aspect to writing. 

All these people on FOX that are writing books and promoting them tells me everything I need to know about these people, they're not writers they're promoters.

Bill O'Reilly wrote tons of history books while he was a nightly anchor on FOX. Now they have Brian Kilmeade from FOX and FRIENDS CH.26 in the early morning 6-9 am, then he does a radio show, fills in for Prime Time, Hannity, and more. He does FOX NATION and he just got his own show on Saturday Night! He travels all over the United States selling all the history books he says he wrote. Hum, I’m not buying it, as a writer, I know he didn't write these books. He's selling them, marketing them. FOX has a lot of explaining to do about they're "misleading practices" they're far away from being righteous.

I'm Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News

The Westchester News
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